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How do you organize your projects? Boxes? Baskets? Totes? I love using totes, but I’m famous for stuffing multiple projects in each which can become an organizational nightmare; Out of sight, out of mind! In this class you’ll learn how to make individual Project Bags. Each is just big enough for one project so you can grab and go. Easy! You’ll learn how to use printed, quilted fabric and also how to alter and personalize plain quilted fabric, too.

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During my years of making, (which began when I joined a mail order kit-of-the-month club as a kid) I’ve gradually amassed many supplies because my interests range from paper to fabric and fiber arts, yarn, metal, jewelry-making, clay and anything else that seems fun to try. Can you imagine this organization nightmare? 😉 The struggle is real!

I’ve utilized various storage methods including open shelves, cabinets, boxes, rolling carts, drawers, and baskets. Each solution has a unique advantage; Shelves allow me to see things at a glance - rolling carts and drawer units can be quickly pulled to the spot where I need them - baskets and bins provide portability when I need to grab and go.

As you probably know, my creative area is shared with a couple of very nosy, hairy felines known as Chance and Charlie. I’ve found that my best storage solution is lidded plastic boxes because they keep supplies clean and cats out! I prefer clear boxes for visibility, but as they aren’t always available, I’ve learned to label everything so I don’t have to waste time opening and closing as I hunt for something. (The P-Touch label maker will always have a home in my space!) When I’ve finished a creative spurt, I TRY to make myself take time to put everything back where it lives. By having containers labeled, clean up is pretty painless.

It’s not unusual to find multiple projects in progress around me. Many of them live in totes, but most of my totes are too big for just one project, so what’s a good maker to do but fill the tote to the top?! It’s not a great idea. Organization gets out of hand and totes become heavy very quickly.

The answer is to make a tote that is large enough to contain the project but not big enough to allow multiples to hide inside where they are sure to be forgotten.

In this class you’ll learn how to do exactly that - make Project Bags that are fun to create, practical to use and beautiful, too. Give it a try. I bet you’ll agree that these Project Bags are a great, creative solution for easy organizing.

Be sure to download your class notes, gather your supplies and I’ll see you in the video class.

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