Audio Book – NORMAL Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (6 CD set)


NORMAL Doesn’t Live Here Anymore, read by author Barb Owen, takes you on a journey from shock to fear to anguish and ultimately to joy, healing and triumph. She shares the story of caring for her parents and how they faced countless life changing decisions together.

Each chapter lets you in on the secrets of navigating the role of an unexpected family caregiver. When following in the footsteps of someone like Barb who’s been there before you, the path will seem a little easier because you know you’re not alone.

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What would happen if The Unthinkable blindsided you, requiring everything be put on hold to become a full-time caregiver for a loved one? At the very least, it would reshape your life. Without a survival guide, it could even destroy it. Barb Owen delivers precisely that survival guide in Normal Doesn't Live Here Anymore: An Inspiring Story of Hope for Caregivers.

She weaves a story, based on her life-changing experience as primary caregiver for her elderly parents. Following each chapter a bit of wisdom gained from Barb's experience is summarized as a Reflection. The third part of Normal Doesn't Live Here Anymore addresses the critical need for self-care for the new and seasoned caregiver alike. Specific suggestions abound for “me time” – how to find it, what to do with it, and how very important it is for sustaining oneself throughout the often arduous caregiving-marathon.

This truly inspiring book is one part parable, one part autobiography and all survival guide, illuminating a path for the more than 65 million caregiving Americans.

“Everything hinges on your ability to care for both yourself and your loved one,” says Owen. “This maxim is of great consequence – heed it, and you will endure. Dismiss it, and you will have trouble surviving. Take care of yourself, your loved one and keep the faith, because you're not alone.”

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If you'd like a printed copy of NORMAL Doesn't Live Here Anymore, fully illustrated with more than 75 images by the author, you can buy one on Amazon Here.

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