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November 16, 2020
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If you’ve never tried journaling, this is your class! You’ll learn how, where and why to collect images and how keeping a journal is no-rules and loads of fun, too. You’ll learn a step-by-step formula for getting ready to write and then take a rare peek inside a bunch of very personal journals.

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Do you Journal? How about an Art Journal? Or, a daily Journal . . . or an idea journal or a notebook of notes?

I’ve kept a variety of journals for more years than I can count. 😉 Fun Fact - my current journal is always my favorite one. When I fill one journal, it’s a little sad until I personalize the next, move into it and begin building a relationship through images and words between its covers.

A journal became a constant companion when I was caring for my elderly parents - a time when I had very little control over anything. My journal provided a few minutes of feeling in control of something - me and a few minutes here and there.

My Art Journal and writing Journals have evolved from ranting and draining useless thoughts into my current style pages that hold small pictures and bits of this and that which feel important in the moments I'm capturing.

Our free Daily Newspaper recently included a wonderful article posted on written by Joshua Becker. I thought I’d include a partial synopsis here.

1 - A journal is a great place to write out goals. This practice allows us to articulate and clarify the reason we are heading toward a given desire.

2 - A journal serves as the perfect place to record our progress. It’s easy to lose sight of the successes we’ve enjoyed when life seems overwhelming or hopeless due to circumstances beyond our control.

3 - Writing helps us gain clarity as we move forward toward future successes. It can also assist us in processing past mistakes. Journaling can help you FEEL better and who doesn’t need some of that?!

4 - A journal proves our resilience. We’ve each solved many problems, but it’s easy to forget unless it’s written down where we can see it.

5 - A journal allows a story (my story) to inspire others. Or, it serves as a perfect space in which to write a new story!

Be sure to visit Joshua’s blog post to read the entire article.

I highly recommend that everyone use some form of journaling if for no other reason than to serve as a spot to park thoughts, collect quotes, or gather life experiences.

In this class, you’ll see my step-by-step approach for beginning a journal. I’ll show you the journal I prefer, how I select and use images and much more.

Be sure to download your notes and I’ll meet you in class.

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