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In this class (Part 1 of 2), you’ll learn how to create neutral-toned Fabric-Paper from construction paper, oil pastels, paint, markers, and sparkly fibers, too. Next you’ll learn how to add several kinds of stitch patterns with beautiful threads to enhance the designs. And finally, you’ll see the importance of cleaning and maintaining your sewing machine and learn a few tips, too.

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Have you ever considered how WORDS can influence your mood or sense of well-being? At the risk of being Captain Obvious, words, whether spoken or unspoken, can have a profound effect. Most of us know how spoken words can elicit strong emotions, but what about your thoughts? Do you embrace a positive internal dialogue or do you find yourself overwhelmed by critical self-talk? Both can transform a good-feeling moment into something unpleasant.

I’ve always loved words and it’s not uncommon for my brain to mull a word over and over like a mind ear-worm! If it’s a “good” word, I enjoy it and feel great! Oh, but if it’s one that that has an icky association, the loop devolves into a downward emotional spiral, temporarily shaking my sense of being okay.

One of the best mind-loop interrupters I’ve found is seeing beautiful and encouraging things around me. I surround myself with images and words in my journals, bulletin boards, and wall art. The more, the better in my world!

Words and pictures that we consider positive lessen stress, can infuse us with energy, and even behave as a calm balm - a sort of healing - to the psyche. On the other hand, things we see with negative associations can raise cortisol levels and increase activity in the amygdala - the fight, flight or freeze center of the brain. The power of sight . . . Interesting, isn’t it? When life is particularly uncertain (as it has been for several months) a message like JUST BREATHE becomes a wonderful reminder. It has the ability to bring you and me back to the present moment where we live - right here, right now.

So, let’s make something beautiful and positive and encouraging. What do you say?

In Part 1 of this class, you’ll learn how to make several calming, neutral-toned Fabric-paper backgrounds. We’ll also add stitching in unique patterns within each and even add a little sparkle for good measure. In Part 2, we’ll complete all the details.

By frequently seeing such a positive message, we are reminded of something so simple and calming. Just Breathe.

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