PREVIEW: How to Make a Fabric-Paper Message – Part 2 – s06e02

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In this class (Part 2 of 2), you’ll learn two ways for easy machine appliqué to add lettering to create the actual Fabric-Paper Message. Just take your time and enjoy the process. Copper wires connect all the sections together and then it’s ready to hang on the wall as art or suspend it with fishing line as a mobile.

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One of my biggest creative challenges is finishing! I love figuring out HOW to bring the picture in my mind into my creative space where I can see and touch it, but the very last few steps can be so annoying! 🙂 It’s as though the moment I understand where the project is headed, I’m ready to move on to something else. Please don’t follow my example. I can promise you that this class project is worth every moment of the creative process, so keep going until it’s “fini”! If I can, you can!!

In Part 2 of How to Make a Fabric-Paper Message, you’ll learn to create fusible fabric letters so that when fused, they are legible. It’s so disheartening to peel the release paper away and realize that everything is backwards. I bet you’ve already guessed how I might know the importance of paying attention to which way the letters face!

After creating the words, you’ll learn two different stitching methods. Neither method is difficult, but each one requires you to keep your attention focused on the process. The great part about being so attentive is that if you are in the moment and creating something beautiful and encouraging, you’re not worrying about anything else! It’s the perfect opportunity to embrace the message you are adding to your delightful Fabric-Paper.

After the words are stitched and felt is added to neaten and finish the back of each section, you’ll learn how to connect the parts together by using copper wire. With that, your Fabric-Paper Message is ready to adorn your wall or suspend as a beautiful mobile.

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As always, remember to Get Creative today! It’s Easy!


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