eBook – Creating Faces: Needle Sculpting from the Beginning


You may download the pattern used in this book totally FREE here. Download Pattern

In this eBook you will learn how to needle sculpt beautiful fabric doll heads and paint them to bring their expressions to life.

Barb guides you through the process of transforming your fabric swatches into whimsical and endearing 3 dimensional doll faces.

This eBook is fully Printable.

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Creating Faces – Needle Sculpting from the Beginning is designed as a step-by-step guide that shows you how truly easy it is to needle sculpt, color and create one of a kind doll faces. Each personality develops as the face emerges from the fabric.

Please allow me to introduce you to my 4 favorite doll faces – Nosy, Drowsy, Sneaky and Cutie. As you get to know them, I bet you’ll discover exactly why they proudly embrace their names.

Welcome to my world where I play and pretend every chance I get. Moments stretch into hours when I’m once again a little girl – never too grown up to play with dolls. I’ve always been fascinated with faces. I enjoy learning ways to create fun, easy expressions.

When I find images with interesting facial features, I save them in my reference notebook. It’s a great tool that I browse frequently. (I bet you’ll enjoy making your own reference book, too.) Gather your supplies and let’s get started.

Oh, and always remember, you’re never too grown up to play!

Barb Owen