How to Sew Perfect Circles – With your Sewing Machine

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Take the guess work and flat spots out of sewing perfect circles. Learn to use a Circular Embroidery Attachment to stitch circles with decorative stitches and yummy threads. What about stitching perfectly appliquéd circles? Easy when you know how! Why not plant a pretty garden with a Flower Stitcher? Utility stitches like a blind hem stitch create unbelievable flowers. Let's quit yakking and start stitching! Just click the Play button in the video below.


What you will Learn:

A Circle Attachment?

Most machine manufacturers have a Circular Embroidery Attachment. It's worth checking it out. It's SEW much fun!

Stitch Perfect Circles

Stitching perfect circles isn't hard when you know how.

Perfect Circle Appliqué

Easiest circle appliqué ever! Learn how in class.

No Attachment? No Excuse!

Can't find an attachment? I'll show you a low tech alternative.

Flower Stitcher Tricks

You might need an adapter, but the  Flower Stitcher will fit any machine. Wait til you see what it does! Get your Flower Stitcher here.

Decorative vs Utility Stitches

Both utility and decorative stitches are perfect for sewing beautiful circles and flower forms. Learn to use both.

Class Supplies you will Need:

Sewing Machine

Circular Embroidery Attachment

Open-toe Presser Foot

Cotton Fabric


Temporary Spray Adhesive

Topstitch Needles 90/14

Appliqué Scissors

Small Scissors

Screw Driver



Painter's Tape

How to Sew Perfect Circles - With your Sewing Machine

Did you ever notice how many Circles you see everyday? Look around.

They’re everywhere! Just looking around in my studio I see Circles in bottles of paint, a coffee cup, containers that hold art supplies, my dog’s eyes, light fixtures, clock face, and my own face for that matter. Those are just the random Circles that jump out at me.

Circles are found in all cultures because it’s one of the most common and universal shapes. Every shape symbolizes something, but none much more powerful than the simple Circle. Images of a circular sun make you think of warmth, growth and light. Circles have long been associated with safety, protection, and completeness.

It’s really easy to draw a perfect Circle because you only need a compass or a plate to use as a guide. But Sewing Circles is an entirely different story! Seems silly, doesn’t it?

Since it’s easy to draw a Circle, why can’t you just draw one and then stitch on it? I can be completely focused on stitching right on the line and no matter what, there’s always a divot or a flat spot. Can you say annoying?! Stitching wonky Circles, on the other hand, I’ve got down to a science. I’m not really known for perfection. My philosophy is usually, “Oh I didn’t expect that, but look how cool it turned out!” But, here’s the deal. When I decide that I want to Stitch a Circle without bobbles or looking like a flat tire, perfection seems reasonable. LOL!

If you’re like me and like Circles, I bet you’d like to use them in your Sewing projects. Circle appliqués, concentric Circles, yarn or fiber Circles, Circles from decorative stitches or just plain old straight stitch Circles are all cool ways to add symbolism and color. All you need to know is how to do it and then the sky is the limit.

Some Circles are best stitched with feed dogs down and others are easier without the feed dogs engaged. I’ll show you which is best for each type of Circle and what presser feet work well.

When Sewing Circles, it’s the perfect time to use the beautiful threads you’ve been hoarding. Stitched Circles really showcase them and if you’re going to use those beauties, let’s draw attention to them, right?

I have lots of examples, too, so you can see ways you might incorporate perfect Circles in your projects. Sewing partial Circles really adds a lot of interest and variety, too. I’ll show you Sewing Circles from 1/2” to 10” in diameter with perfection. Ready to learn the secrets?

It’s really simple. Just click the button in the video to join the class and I’ll meet you there.

In class you’ll learn how to stabilize fabric and stitch perfect circles with:

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Lets take the guess work and flat spots out of sewing perfect circles. Learn tips, techniques and the Flower Stitch Foot, too. So easy when you know how.

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