Paste Paper Pizazz – Turn Piles into Perfection!

April 4, 2015
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Video Class:

Come into my studio, look over my shoulder and play along with paste, paint, stencils, texture tools and stamps. Learn how to add layers of colorful goodness and create piles of stunning paste papers. See lots of ideas for inviting your muse out to play and see How To turn your paste papers into finished projects. Click the play button in the video below.


What you will Learn:

How to Use Striping Tools

Martha Stewart Grain Striping tools are perfect for texturing paste paint. Get your Grain Striping Tools here.

Playing with Wood Graining Tools

Wood graining tools are great for paste papers, too. Buy the Allway Wood Graining Kit here.

Stix for Writing and Drawing

Style Stix are soft and perfect for drawing in wet paste paint. Buy Style Stix here.

Paints and Paste Go Together

Craft paints, foam brushes and Art Paste - the perfect combination! Be sure to get your Art Paste here. 

How to Paint Deli Wrap - Yummy!

Who knew that the stuff your sandwich is wrapped in could be so fun to paint? You can buy your own deli wrap right here.

What to do With All Those Beautiful Papers?

Books, ATCs, Bookmarks and so much more. . .

Class Supplies you will Need:

Art Paste (or Starch or Wallpaper paste) 



Tools for Texture

Card Stock


Wood Graining Tools

How To - Paste Paper Pizazz:

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things to do when I’m learning about anything arty is to watch someone in action. There’s just something about watching how they use the tools - whether brushes, stencils, paints, pencils, or anything else for that matter - the way they move their hands - how they begin and continue the creative process that lets me almost crawl inside the mind of the artist. (Don’t get freaked out by the word, artist. If you create anything, YOU are an artist!)

Don’t get me wrong, I love listening to the teacher and I like a good class handout where I can add my own notes, but there’s just something about watching it happen in front of my eyes. Observing up close gives me the courage to go for it and get creative, no matter what. I bet you’re like that, too.

In the first class, Paste Paper is Fabulous! I showed you about inks, paints, paste choices, papers, stencils, stamps, and texture tools. That’s all good stuff that you need to know to get started making your own Paste Papers. And I showed you the process and lots of finished Paste Papers, too.

Sometimes, you need more. You need to be able to hang out with me, look over my shoulder, watch the way I use the tools - even a couple of new fun texture tools, too. That’s what happens in this class. It’s almost as much fun as sitting right beside me in the studio. We’re going to mix paints and paste, figure out what to do if a color yields an unexpected result, and most important of all, you’ll gain the confidence that you can do it, too, just like me.

When the Paste Papers are dry, what do you do with that pile of perfection?

I’ll show you how to treat the papers so they’re ready to use to make your own accordion book, or to be used as pages in a traditional book, along with ideas for creating notecards, bookmarks, ATCs, and more.

I’ll tell you a secret. I love having a big ole stack of Paste Papers in my studio just to look at, too! Come on over and take a look.

Come play in my studio and watch the Paste Paper magic happen.  Just click the play button in the video and I'll meet you in my studio.

Class Supply List:

Download Class Notes:

Download Class Notes - Illustrated Tutorial

Illustrated Tutorial

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Download Class Notes - Text Only

Text Only

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Come to the studio to play with paste, paint, paper, stencils, texturing tools and more. Learn how to finish and create with paste papers.

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