PREVIEW: How to Paint and Print Your Own Fabric – s03e09

August 19, 2016
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Learn how to paint and print your own fabric. With a round Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate, acrylic paint, texture tools, stencils, and some handmade Fun Foam stamps, you’ll be transforming plain heavy weight muslin into a beautiful, useful, fun painted textile in no time at all.

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Fabric stores are filled to overflowing with bolts of colorfully patterned fabrics. Although I can spend several hours staring at fabric, dreaming about a project and even taking a few yards home with me, I often wish I had a slightly different color or texture. In fact, I’ve been known to lay out a piece of perfectly beautiful fabric and transform it with paint, stamps, and markers. As many times as I’ve done this to get the exact color or pattern, I would wish that I had the ability to make my very own fabric without having to buy a starter fabric.

The first time I saw a demonstration of the Gelli Arts Gel Printing Plate, I thought it was intriguing but I wasn’t quite sure how I would use it. I watched every video I could find to try to understand how this amazing rubbery plate worked. I knew that as soon as I figured out how I would use it, I would own it! You might say I found my passion for printing and playing because I now own quite a few Gelli Plates in various sizes and shapes and I love every one of them!

Perhaps my favorite thing about the Gelli Plate is the versatility it offers. I can print whisper thin tissue paper, sandwich Deli Wrap, old magazine pages, newspaper, old book papers, card stock, and scrapbook papers, to name a few. I learned about layering several monoprints over each other to alter an existing paper and also how to create my very own patterned papers.

But the day I first tried printing on fabric changed my creative life! I tried different kinds of fabric. I tried heavily textured fabric. I altered commercial fabrics. Then I tried the techniques on plain, inexpensive heavy muslin and I was smitten! It’s safe to say that a Gelli Plate is always close at hand when I’m looking for just the right fabric for a project.

I love creating large pieces of my own printed and painted fabrics in different color combinations so I have them ready for my next whim. When I’m ready to cover a journal, make some new note cards, bookmarks or a new tote bag, my personal stash of fabrics are all ready to fill the need.

Are you ready to get busy printing and painting? Download your class notes, watch the video class, gather your supplies and you’re all set.

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