Let’s Paint a Santa – Part1

October 18, 2020
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Did you know that Clausman (otherwise known as my other half) gets his name because he's a woodcarver and is best known as a carver of Santa figures. By the way, he has carved many, many other things from wood, too. AND. he now has an ETSY Shop where you can check out what he's been doing. You'll find the raw wood carvings there so you can paint or stain them just as you like. 

As a creative team, Clausman and I have collaborated on dozens of Santas among other wood sculptures. We always joke that we have to stay married because I can't carve and he can't paint!

In this video, you'll see Part 1 of the painting process. BTW, if you're interested in learning about carving, we have a 2-part class about carving Sweet Potatoes in the Carving Category of the member area. (See photo below!) It's a great medium for learning to carve.

Come join us for another episode of Drama-free Friday where you can see how I continue the painting process, especially Santa's face! Join me every Friday at 2 pm Eastern.

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Barb Owen

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