PREVIEW: How to Build an Envelope Book – s04e12

December 22, 2017
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Learn how to build a unique book from beautiful custom handmade envelopes. Barb shows you how to begin with coordinated cardstock papers to create a one-of-a-kind envelope treasure book. Embellish the cover and fill the envelopes with letters, mementos or whatever you like for a special person in your life.

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One of my greatest treasures is a collection of baby books. I have my mother’s as well as my father’s. They were born in 1911, so the fact that these books have survived is almost a miracle. Paging through the yellowed books takes me to another era when life certainly seemed simpler than the hurried pace we exist with today. Each of my maternal grandmothers clearly devoted many hours recording details and memories of her baby’s firsts.

No matter how many times I’ve read these books, I always seem to stumble across something that I hadn’t previously noticed. The locks of hair - the congratulations cards - the family trees - the notes about illnesses and so much more transport me to those events as I imagine my parents as small children.

Fortunately, my mother continued the tradition by making a baby book for me. Through her words I’ve been privileged to learn much about me and my family before I was old enough to remember. Because I was a surprise baby and the last in the family, my mother was especially careful to pay attention to everything so she didn’t miss a moment.

I can’t adequately express how I feel about each of these beautiful books and how they have encouraged me as a memory keeper. I feel incredibly honored to be entrusted with them.

This class, How to Build an Envelope Book s04e12, was definitely influenced by my precious collection of baby books as well as my love of writing letters. Today, it’s so easy to dash off an email or text message that letter writing is nearly a lost art.

Once you build your book from a coordinated paper collection or with your own artfully created papers, filling the envelopes is easy! Just decide who your recipient is and the purpose of your book. After that, have fun and fill the envelopes. 🙂

A book like this would be a wonderful gift for a new mom or grandmom. Either could easily fill the envelopes with tiny treasures, letters or notes. On a day far in the future, can you imagine the joy of the person who discovers this beautiful book that’s been personalized with such love! Reading the letters or imagining the reasons behind each tiny enclosure are sure to speak volumes in a quiet, beautiful voice.

Or, why not fill the envelopes with treasures for yourself? Write a letter to yourself recording the highlights of each month? In other words, the sky is the limit for a book like this. The only rule is to enjoy the process!

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