PREVIEW: How to Create a Cloth Doll – s02e06

January 19, 2016
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This is Part 1 of a two-part class where you’ll learn how to create a fun, inspirational cloth doll. In this class you will learn about dollmaking supplies, the easiest fabric to sew, how to prepare the patterns, and then how to stitch, turn and stuff the doll.

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My earliest Christmas memory is finding a new doll from Santa Claus under our tree. It was magic! Each year a new doll appeared right on cue and I couldn’t wait to see what she looked like. My first male dolls were Ken and Alan - companions of Barbie and her best friend, Midge. Until then I played mostly with baby dolls like Tiny Tears and Betsy McCall. My mother often sewed new clothes for the dolls and I couldn’t wait until she taught me how to stitch with her beautiful sewing machine!

I’m not sure how old I was when I finally got my wish - I learned to sew! That opened a whole new world of designing doll clothes and wedding dresses for my Barbie doll. I even learned how to add tiny zippers and buttonholes. I now have no idea how did that, but I was determined to get the look I was after. I even learned how to make tuxedos for Ken and Alan! I must have had too much time on my hands as a kid. 😉

The inevitable day arrived when there was no doll for me under our Christmas tree. My memory is one of confusion because I couldn’t understand what happened. Although I was old enough to know who was leaving the dolls for me, I still couldn’t understand why my parents had forgotten something so important. They told me that I was too old for dolls. . .

All these years later, I still have those special dolls. I even sometimes unpack them and admire my sewing tenacity as a little girl.

After my kids were older I realized that some people actually made dolls! The light bulb in my mind lit up like that magical Christmas tree and I began exploring an art form that I didn’t know existed!

I was in love and my muse went crazy as dolls began to spill from my sewing machine. Slowly, I gained enough confidence to try creating my own patterns and teaching online classes before video was even possible. That was a while ago, for sure!

My favorite doll class to teach is this one. Lakshmi - goddess of prosperity is a simple form which will allow you to embellish her to your heart’s content.

Be sure to download your pattern and class notes and let’s get creative.


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