PREVIEW: Non-Woven Wonders! – s06e03

August 29, 2020
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It’s time to re-imagine non-woven materials in new ways! Are you familiar with Lutradur or Tyvek? How about Kraft-Tex or Mul-Tex? Did you know that Interfacings, Stabilizers and Fusible Webs are fantastic to use in Mixed-Media applications? In this class we’ll explore each of these and a LOT MORE, too.

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“What if?” is one of the most creative questions you can ask. When you’re trying to solve a life-problem, unforeseen solutions can somehow show up when you just stop and ask, “What if?” I’ve personally experienced exactly that while being a family caregiver. Just when overwhelmed by something I'd never come up against and ready to give up, I tried to remember to ask, “What if. . .?” By being open to possibilities beyond my frame of reference, solutions ALWAYS presented themselves. I don’t know how that works, but I do know that it kept my sanity in tact!

Life stuff (I'm sure you know what I mean . . .) can easily shut down creativity in spite of having plenty of resources right in front of you.

I have a creative space with a variety of supplies and materials that are somewhat organized (or stuffed into every available nook and cranny). I have to admit that I've been known to forget why I have a some things, too. Has that ever happened to you? I hope I’m not the only one. 😉

So, when you're shut down for some reason - feeling completely uninspired - how do you get yourself moving, creatively speaking? I've learned that the almost-magic answer boils down to two simple words, “What if?”

Humor me and just try it. 🙂 Take an art supply that you haven’t used for a while. Move it around in your creative space. You know, sort or move it from one spot to another. Notice how much of this thing you have. What do you like about it? Have you ever used it? Do you remember why you have it? No pressure. Just looking and thinking.

Now, it’s time to ask the magic question, “What if . . .?” What if I try adding paint to this embroidery stabilizer? What if I try dyeing sheets that I use in my clothes dryer? It seems such a shame to throw them away, doesn’t it? Or, what if I heat up my clothing iron to see what supplies react to heat. (**PUBLIC SERVICE ALERT!! Always use any heat source in a very well-ventilated space. Even better, go outside if possible! Please do not take chances with your respiratory system - ever.**)

The best thing happens when you ask “What if?” You get lost in the moment as you PLAY. You’re distracted by successes and unexpected results. And I bet you’ll discover some favorite new techniques along the way, too.

The moral of this message is to get out some stuff! Ask the magic question and then just see what happens, I bet this class, Non-woven Wonders, will help spark your imagination, too. So, download your illustrated Class Notes, grab something to drink ‘cuz it’s another long one!

I’ll see you in class.

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