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July 31, 2017
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Copper is one of the easiest types of wire to use to create bead charms, bracelets, and bead charm clusters. It’s important to set yourself up for success, so easy wire, good tools and lots of beads are the secret. Once you feel confident with copper wire, you’ll want to try brass, silver and gold-filled wire, too. Beautiful and fun!

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Everyone faces challenges at various times in their lives. I certainly was no exception to that statement and I knew one thing for sure. I had to find a way to get traction so that I could begin moving forward again out of my stuckness.

In the search for something that sparked my interest, I happened across a magazine about bending wire to form beautiful jewelry. Stunning, glossy photographs pulled me into the pages where I found an art form that I’d never tried before. Even though I was inspired, I was quite sure that I didn’t have the skills to create anything remotely close to the lovely pieces in the pictures.

Fast forward a few weeks and serendipity stepped in when I learned about a beginning wire working class at my local Art League. The teacher provided all the materials and tools so all I had to do was show up with an open mind. I did and a tiny spark of creativity was fanned into an ember that eventually grew into a firestorm of aliveness!

From that one class, I began exploring what else could be done with wire and I discovered wire-sculpting also sometimes called wire-wrapping. I think of them as sculptures because of the twists and curls and scrolls that embellish cameos and cabochons and anything else you have the courage to try. The wire seemed like magic in my hands because I was present, not thinking about past events or future “what ifs”. It was just me working with my hands, creating.

I’m sure you’re wondering about my success with my foray into wire-sculpting. Many of them were complete duds! As I sat on my couch with a portable lap tray full of supplies, I practiced and learned. Soon enough my comfort level with wire and tools began to expand and I made some pieces that I was actually proud to say, “I made this!” And you know what else? I was having fun and I hadn’t experienced that in quite a while. So, I kept twisting and bending and creating.

Years have passed since that first wire class, but my fondness for wire and creating with it has never waned. Although my attention is divided with many other creative activities, I still return to copper wire where it all began. Each time I begin to cut and bend the wire, I need to practice - to get the feel of the tools and techniques back in my hands again. I love that! I love that it’s always fresh and new. And, I’m forever grateful for that day when the juicy, jewelry magazine photos lured me into a new, inspired life.

Gather your supplies. Download your class notes and let’s get started making fun and beautiful things with copper wire.

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