Painters Paint Pens – Review by Barb

November 24, 2017
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I don’t know about you, but I seem to hoard pens of all kinds and especially paint pens. Why is that??!! 🙂 Once I was bitten by the Art Journaling Bug, I struggled to find pens and markers that worked consistently and didn’t dry out or fail when I used them over acrylic paint. Let me tell you, I have quite a collection in just a few years!

One of the drawbacks I’ve experienced with paint pens and markers is the cost. Many of the ones I’ve tried are pretty expensive. Sometimes the nibs clog when there is still quite a lot of paint left with no way to use it, which is frustrating to say the least. One of my YouTube viewers (I know I have the BEST audience on YouTube!) suggested the white Painters Paint Marker pen. She’d had great luck with it and found it to be a nice opaque white. I was completely surprised to find these marker pens available at craft stores as well as big box discount stores. The price? Amazingly affordable!

As with any paint marker, you have to thoroughly shake them WITH the cap on or you’ll decorate everything in sight with paint splatters. I found the Painters Pens easy to get started with a pretty consistent flow of paint. Since the contents of the marker is acrylic paint, they can be used on paper, ceramic, wood, plastic, metal and glass. The paint dries quickly and is permanent and lightfast and is suitable for indoor or outdoors.

Painters pens are available in quite a large assortment of colors and nib sizes, too. If you are sensitive to odors, beware that the metallic markers do have a rather strong smell. The regular colors don’t seem to have much of any odor. I like them and plan to continue adding to my collection. 😉

If you’ve used the Painters pens, I’d love to know what you think of them. Leave a comment below. Thanks!

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