LIVE! Let’s Play With Color Bursts

July 10, 2016
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Ready for some magical fun?? During this LIVE Drama-free Friday stream, I cracked open my new Ken Oliver Color Burst watercolor powders for some slightly messy incredible fun. Strathmore Watercolor Postcards are a perfect place to experiment with these lovely brilliant powders. I also played a bit with Kraft and Water Media cards. Of course, you could use Distress Watercolor Cardstock that is perfectly sized for notecards, but we didn't get that far during the LIVE show.

Color Bursts are available in 3 sets (as well as individually) – Caribbean Brights, Brights and Earth Tones. I don't have the Liquid Metals yet, so I didn't have the opportunity to use them. 

Once the watercolor dried, I used a variety of pens to find the hidden-in-plain-sight flowers. I simply outlined them and added a few doodle embellishments. My favorite pens for this include, Gelly Roll Pens in Black, White as well as the Classic Set. My other favorite pens are the Pitt Artist Pens.

If YOU want to have a ton of bright, beautiful fun, get some Color Bursts and PLAY!

Click the images below to get a better look!








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See you again soon!

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