LIVE! How to Create Mandalas for Cards – Part 1

August 14, 2016
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I began creating Mandalas quite a few years ago and from the very first one, I was in love with the form and process. After creating dozens of them, I designed 25 new designs and published them in an Ebook entitled Mandala Melange. This allows you to print the design you like and resize them in a photo editing program or on a copy machine. I also use my own designs as inspiration for drawing new Mandalas. That was my choice for the Mandala on this LIVE stream.

I showed how I use my nearly-empty bottles of acrylic craft paint to create washes that are perfect to add to Watercolor Paper to tint the white background. Once completely dry I added straight lines to find the center and to provide guidelines. Next, I use my favorite Quick Bow Compass to draw a series of concentric circles around the center point. I don't think about this. I just draw as many circles as I decide to draw!

After choosing an inspiration image from Mandala Melange (or deciding to start from scratch) I begin in the center with a mechanical pencil and make a very light mark or a shape. Then I repeat the mark (or shape) around the circle. Move to the next ring or circle and repeat the process. Continue until the entire Mandala is created.

Now it's time for Gelly Roll Pens. I love the Classic Set of Gelly Roll Pens because it contains 10 different colors. I usually choose one color to use, but you could use multiple colors if you prefer. I trace over the pencil lines, beginning in the center of the Mandala. I don't worry about covering every bit of every line. Close enough is close enough! Let the pen lines thoroughly dry. I usually set it aside for an hour or more to make sure that it's dry. 

Once the ink is dry, erase all the pencil lines. 

I love Inktense Pencils for adding color to my Mandala. I choose 5 or 6 colors. Once again, I begin in the center and add a small amount of Inktense Pencil. Use a Water Brush to activate the pigment. If you fully activate the pigment, it will be permanent when dry. 

That's where we stopped during this stream. We'll pick up from here on the next stream and finish the Mandala and I'll show you how I use it to create a square note card.

Anytime you'd like to share your art with me, feel free to tweet @BarbOwenDesigns. I love sharing what you do with other, too.

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