Watercolor Found Relatives

February 6, 2017
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If you missed Drama-free Friday on February 3, 2017, you missed one of the most fun LIVE streams ever! I SO appreciate EVERYONE who played along with me.

It all started several years ago when I took a class entitled Faces 101 with Carla Sonheim. I LOVED her class and style of teaching. I highly recommend Carla's classes! She also features other artists' classes on her site, too. Check it out!

From time to time I play with my version of Carla's simple watercolor faces. She creates so much expression and character with very few colors and lines. For some reason, I can't seem to rein myself in quite so much. 🙂

Below, you'll see some of my people whom I call “Mama and her boys” who live in one of my art journals. After creating them on watercolor paper, I cut them out and glued them on my journal page.

Welcome to the world of Mama and her boys.

To show my process, I used a scrap of Watercolor Paper with several kinds of water media.

From left to right: Prang Watercolors, Loew Cornell Watercolors, Inktense Blocks and Tube Watercolors. Each kind of watercolor media acts differently, so we tried the ones that I could easily reach during the LIVE broadcast.

It takes a while for the watercolor blobs to dry, so before the show I created an accordion book with relatives all ready for  their details. (See them below.)

It's easy to add extra shading or color in the face like lips, eye shadow, clothing, etc., with small amounts of watercolor. The features and other details are Black Pigma Pens. I added sparkle dots in the eyes with white acrylic paint and a very Fine Point Stylus.

The viewers in the LIVE chat named the characters, which was too much fun! They voted to continue creating characters for our Found or Questionable Relatives story. 🙂 If YOU want to help, be sure to come to the show next Friday at 2pm Eastern.


Sir Bradford

Aunt Hotflash Vera

The Rev. Shagnasty

I can't wait to see the next Relatives that show up! Join me next Friday and let's keep playing!

Until next time ~

Remember to Get Creative today! It's Easy!


PS – If you enjoy crocheting animals like the one my granddaughter, Kristi, check out these adorable books by Kerry Lord!


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