Tumble Dye Glitter Neon Sprays – Review by Barb

November 25, 2017
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Do you love the sparkle and shine that glitter provides but not the mess? I’m the first one to raise my hand! I truly HATE messy glitter (and I don’t hate much of anything!)

When I happened to see SEI Tumble Dye Neon Glitter tie dye kit, it jumped off the shelf. 🙂 I experimented with both paper and fabric. I love using any of the Tumble Dyes in my art journals because when dry, they are permanent which means that I can use them under or over other products like paint, pens, pencils, etc.

Although it’s difficult to photograph glitter, I hope you can see some of the glittery goodness when sprayed over stencil masks. I was a bit liberal with the neon green but it created an interesting image beneath the mask which was really unexpected. The other two journal pages are examples of the neon pink and orange glitter sprays. (Be sure to click the photos to see the details.)

I intended to show the seam binding examples in the video but I forgot them! In the photo, you can see the before and after. I used both Crinkle Ribbon and white Seam Binding. After dampening the ribbon, I generously sprayed it with Tumble Dye, dried it, heat set according to directions and then wet it again to get the scrunched look. In the photo, you’ll also see examples of Tumble Dye Silver Spray and Tumble Dye Gold Spray.

I really love using these glitter sprays on paper and fabric! There is one drawback and that is the clogging of the sprayers. I’ve never used one of these sprayers that didn’t eventually clog. 🙁 Sad, but true. My solution? I keep extra empty spray bottles on hand or extra sprayers. I buy the sprayers at American Science and Surplus and they fit right on the SEI bottles. Life is too short to worry about why they clog. They just do! If you decide to purchase some Glitter Tumble Dyes, be sure to get some empty bottles or sprayers, too.

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