Tiny Handmade Books

October 22, 2017
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If you've watched more than 2 Drama-free Friday shows, I'm sure you've heard me say how much I love books – almost ANY kind of books. I like buying them . . . reading them . . . writing them and stitching them, too!

Last Drama-free Friday, I showed how to create print plates and stamps with Model Magic Clay, thanks to inspiration from Printmaking Unleashed by Traci Bautista. Once the 3 sheets of paper were finished, I decided to make some books. Three sheets of 14″ x 17″ Canson Mix Media Paper were enough to create 3 pocket-sized books (3.5″ by 5″) and 4 tiny books (1.75″ x 2″). I have to admit that I think they're adorable!!

To make the covers, I used Tattered Angels Mixed Media ORIGINS Collection papers which I lined with hand painted fabric (watch the video to learn about this fabric). The fabric and Mixed Media paper are fused together with Wonder Under paper-backed fusible web. To ensure that the layers never separate, I stitched around each cover, too.

For each pocket-sized book, I folded 2 signatures, each containing 3 folios for a total of 12 pages. Each signature is stitched to the cover with 2 Cord Waxed Linen Thread from Crawford Threads LTD. The stitch pattern is a 5 hole Pamphlet Stitch. (If you need more specific information about the Pamphlet Stitch, watch Pamphlet Stitches Made Easy, a free sample video class from HowToGetCreative.com.

The Tiny Books only contain 1 signature of 3 folios for a total of 6 pages. Each one is stitched with a 3-hole Pamphlet Stitch.

Click the image below to see the details.

7 Tiny Pamphlet Stitched Books

Thank you for joining me each Drama-free Friday. We're making some Drama-free Friday schedule changes so that we can finish up some fun projects. The show will move to the FIRST FRIDAY of each month, beginning Friday, November 3, 2017 at 2pm Eastern. You're always welcome at HowToGetCreative.com! 😉

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