PREVIEW: How to Create a Grow As You Go Book – s05e09

May 19, 2019
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It’s time to Slow Down! In this class you’ll learn to slowly and thoughtfully create pages from papers that you often otherwise toss away. You’ll learn how to use colorful alcohol inks in ways that you might not have tried before. You'll learn several fun ways to embellish both the cover as well as the pages of your book. This class is all about enjoying the process – step by step. In the end you’ll have your very own wonderful Grow As You Go Book!

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1986 seemed like just another turn of the calendar until Carlo Petrini decided to make a difference. He had an uncanny concern about the quality of fast food that was exponentially growing in popularity. He wondered if this “food” was actually FOOD and where it was being sourced. From the mind of this unique man was born a movement dubbed Slow Food. Mr. Petrini was instrumental in developing seed banks so as to preserve heirloom varieties. He spent time educating people about food risks, teaching gardening skills and encouraging people to buy their food closer to home.

Each aspect of the Slow Food movement required time. As people began seeing the value in slowing down and becoming more mindful about food, the trend spilled over into many other parts of living and hobbies.

Although technology and computers provide instant access to information and resources that once required days or months, the overload of facts, figures and social interaction has had a serious impact on both the physical and psychological well-being of all ages.

You can’t look at a rack of magazines without seeing at least two publications dedicated solely to slowing down or mindfulness. Thanks to Mark Lipinski’s dedication, Slow Stitching is now part of many fiber artisan’s vocabulary. Slow Stitching is applicable to all fiber and needle artists and encourages one to enjoy the process of creating rather than just pumping out finished pieces. It’s the act of stitching and creating just for the sake of creating; being fully present rather than anticipating deadlines and project completion. It’s about developing excellence and remembering why one started a piece in the first place, and by slowing down, it often helps to dissolve creative blocks.

So what does Slow Stitching have to do with this class? A lot! In a world where people are often rushing about and feeling the need to finish projects quickly, this class is all about slowing down and enjoying each step to the fullest. We’ll use trash paper to create beautiful pages - step by step - no heat gun or hurry up needed. 😉 You’ll get to embrace color in a way that perhaps you hadn’t tried before. You’ll be encouraged to breathe as you create. (We often hold onto the breath - myself included - and then wonder why we are out of energy and the ability to think by midday. The brain and body require copious amounts of oxygen to operate at peak efficiency.)

As you begin this class, you’ll immediately notice the length of the video. It’s loooonnnnggg! I’m sure that you can speed through it and catch the gist, but I challenge you to slow down and work step by step as you enjoy the act of creating. By the end of the class, you’ll have a beautiful book that you can fill with images, thoughts, quotes, or a combination of all. The beauty of this Grow As You Go Book is that you can keep adding to it until you’ve decided that it’s finished.

Be sure to download your class notes, fix your favorite beverage and savor the moment as you infuse your creativity beginning today.

I’ll see you in class.
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