LIVE! Stream: How to Make a Spirit Doll

March 27, 2016
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After hand painting fabric on my previous LIVE Stream, I used it to create several colorful, fun positive messengers called Spirit Dolls. 

From Three Leaf Farms' blog. . .“What is a Spirit Doll? A Spirit Doll is a creative, handmade doll that embodies your hopes, dreams, and prayers.   She can be a messenger of your own inner voice, allowing you to communicate with the parts of yourself that are often hidden, or deeply protected. The process of doll making has been used for centuries  to touch the soul.  It allows us to form a deep connection to our spirit, awakening the truth and allowing personal transformation.  The doll will become a vessel for your own personal essence, and will be constant reminder and source of strength to reach for your goals.”

I love that explanation! These little dolls are not only fun and colorful, they are easy to make! If you'd like to make some of your own, feel free to download the free pattern that I designed just for this stream. If you want to make them to sell, you're welcome to do that. I'd love it if you shared!

You can reduce the pattern and make Spirit Doll pins from fabric or paper, or create a doll to use in an Art Journal or as an ornament. You might even send a Spirit Doll to someone who needs a lift. Use your imagination and have fun!

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