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November 1, 2016
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art-sparks-creative-project-deck-300x300pxThis week I received a hot-off-the-press Art Sparks Creative Projects Deck by Karen Friedland! Talk about eye candy and inspiration! (Keep reading because Karen has a special offer for you!! Check out other artists playing with Art Sparks, too.)

Today, I finally had time to crack open this new deck of yumminess. The cards are nice quality with a variety of Karen's artwork on one side along with unique Art Sparks creative projects on the other side of each card.

Card number 30 grabbed my attention and I snapped photos as I began playing. First, let me tell you what the card suggested. (photos below)

“Use Heavier Paper, 90lb. or 140lb. watercolor or printmaking paper. Dampen the paper with a water mister. Paint on the damp surface with a fluid paint and watch what happens. Try dripping water or another color into the paint. Did you embrace the lack of control with paint on wet paper?”

I pulled out a couple of sheets of 9″ x 12″ Artist's Loft Watercolor Paper and sprayed one liberally with water. Into the water I dropped a couple of tiny drops of Golden Fluid acrylics in Manganese Blue Hue, Ultramarine Blue, Quinacridone Crimson, Phthalo Green (Blue Shade) and Green Gold.

Watching the paints spread and bloom in the water was so much fun! If a little water is good, more must be better, Right? So, I sprayed the page again and even more movement happened. Fascinating! Things were getting really soppy, so I picked up the second sheet of paper and pressed it into the wet paint. When I pulled the two sheets apart, I had 2 beautifully colored pages that were nearly identical.

Just for fun, I diluted a drop of Carbon Black and splattered it on the pages. Time to dry. Fingers tapping. Waiting. Waiting . . . 🙂

art-spark-cards-fanned-out-700x640pxOnce the pages dried, I repeated splatters in Carbon Black and also Golden Fluid Iridescent Gold Deep Fine. Loved it!

After drying the pages, I used 2 different hand carved stamps and black Archival Ink to add some large images around the pages and details with a Black Gelly Roll Pen and Fineline Bottles filled with Golden Fluid Cobalt Teal and Createx Airbrush White Paints.  

This picture shows you Karen's beautiful artwork on the cards —>

Take a look at the photos below to see my process. Click photos to see details.


 Watercolor paper – Paint – Water – Brush.

paint-drops-wet-paper-700x394pxSpray with water and drop acrylic paints. Watch the magic!

paint-drops-blending-700x394pxAdd more colors and spray with more water.

print-on-second-page-watercolor-paper-700x394pxPress a second sheet of paper into the wet paint. Two for one!

spatters-black-gold-700x394pxAfter drying, splatters added with Black and Gold.

hand-carved-stamps-added-700x394pxHand carved stamp images – one image on each page.

finished-pages-700x394pxEmbellished with Black Gelly Roll Pen and paint in Fineline Bottles.

From my 2 Art Sparks Creative Project pages, I cut 8 card fronts and 5 bookmarks. Only a tiny scrap found its way into the trash! To complete the cards, I added words from Tim Holtz Big Chat Stickers.

I love them and it was a fun few hours of creative me-time!




I have 1 Art Sparks Creative Projects Deck to give away!! Be sure to leave a comment below. Please leave contact info, too. Good luck everyone!

Remember to Get Creative today! It's easy!


PS – Check out Tiare Smith today and she what she's creating with Art Sparks. And, check out Gina B. Ahrens and Melissa from Color Me Happy tomorrow, November 3, 2016. Purchase your Art Sparks Creative Deck and enter coupon code ARTSPARKSINTRO for 10% off until November 30, 2016!

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  • Magee Dudley

    Love the finale. Very interesting process.

  • Cheryl K. Johnson

    These are such beautiful cards, to help spark ones imagination. Good luck to everyone who enters!

  • Vicki Spradlin

    I love the way the smaller paper looks when mounted on that black note card, but I think the bookmarks were my favorite.

  • Ceil Hook

    Those look inspiring…would love to win the set.

  • Colleen N MacLafferty

    Getting caught up just in the nick of time! This card deck is a great idea. One of these days, I hope to catch Drama-Free Friday live.

  • Amalia Montano

    love these!!!!winning a set would help me so i won’t have to create my own!!!! so many project so little time!

  • Thilda Hanna

    The art work is amazing. I would love to win a set.

  • Kim

    Love the idea of the deck of cards! Thanks for sharing.

  • Vicky Ann Reynolds

    These cards look amazing and I love the art work, Elephants are a favorite of mine and they look beautiful.

  • Dianne King-Fitch

    Awesome…love the cards…Art Sparks is a great idea!


    Dianne (aka joyfroggie)

  • Angelique Becking

    I was watching you last night on live stream using these cards. I really loved it.
    I often struggle to start with a project. These cards are great. I hope they become available in the Netherlands.
    Thanks Barb. <3

  • Jody Mateo

    I’m loving this– currently watching you do this live makes me want to rip into my supplies. Sometimes we just need mindless arting! THANKS Barb. Such fun!

  • Sherry Sterrett

    Watching you on Live Stream while you use these cards, they are super cool!

  • Marg Gorsk

    Wow! I think these cards are going on my wish list. I cant wait to see you use them on todays live stream. Of course, I’ll be looking to see how i can us the prompts on fabric! Margaret

  • Rita Montgomery

    I love the idea of a card sparking an art idea. Your pages, and ultimately your cards and book marks, turned out to be very cool. Thanks so much for sharing and for a chance to win a deck of beautiful cards.

  • PurpleToothTech

    Thank you Barb. These look like a lot of fun. Say hi to Chance and Charlie for me.

  • sheri levitt

    Awesome project. like the eye candy on the cards,

  • Galina Kariean

    Need to do this with watercolors.

  • Debi Boring

    OH my goodness!!! I’ve been in a creative slump for such a LONG time…. These cards have got me INSPIRED!!! Hope you use them on your stream! LOVE what you did!!!

  • Jean Marmo

    Wow – what a cool project! Love the end result! I might go do this now!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Tommy Jo Vilello Anderson

    Oh my heck! So far, I have loved these prompts as usually just one word doesn’t inspire me. These are like little nudges with a starting point and I love that. I loved what you did with your finished pages and I definitely think I’ll try this! Thank you for sharing your process and also your idea for the cards and bookmarks. Loved them!

  • Sandy Brown Jensen

    Wow! I love creative decks of all kinds, from Tarot decks to Dream decks to Art decks. This one looks pretty special.
    A friend just turned me on to alcohol inks this past weekend, and your process seems like a great way to initiate them.
    Thanks for an inspiring post!

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