Mixed Media Wavy Woven Paste Paper

July 29, 2017
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When I watch a new technique, I enjoy seeing a practical application, too. Although I love making things just for the sake of making them, I enjoy finding ways to use what I create, too, so during this Drama-free Friday, I thought I would show you a fun way to use Paste Papers.

I chose 2 Paste Papers in contrasting colors. With a Rotary Cutter, I cut gently waving lines the length of one sheet. I cut the second sheet width-wise with similar wavy lines. HINT: It helps to leave the strips temporarily attached along one side of each sheet. The weaving process is a simple basket weave – over and under. As the strips are woven, they create a wonderful wavy pattern. I found it helpful to add random spots of Tacky Glue to hold the woven strips in place.

For some additional sparkle, it's fun to splash a little FW Genesis Green Ink or FW Waterfall Green Ink over the woven paper. Both are pearlescent and when dry, add something really special to the finished paper sheet.

Once the inks were completely dry, I added a sheet of Steam a Seam 2 to the back side of the paper with an iron. (Parchment Paper is a great tool to protect the iron and ironing surface.) After cutting the woven sheet into smaller pieces, I attached them to the Pre-folded Cards which you'll see in the video.

I love having a stash of note cards ready for any occasion and these were a lot of fun to create.

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