Creative Chat with Lou Ann Gleason of Gelli Arts®

May 7, 2018
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I totally enjoy learning about people and companies who create my favorite art products! Because I love creating layered monoprints with Gelli® plates of all sizes and shapes, a LIVE Creative Chat with Gelli Arts® co-founder, Lou Ann Gleason was a real treat. 

Some highlights from our chat:

  • When opening a new Gelli® plate, carefully remove the mylar sheets. You don’t need to replace these protective sheets, but rather use plain copy paper instead. Be sure that the paper makes good contact with the entire surface of the plate to eliminate trapped air bubbles.
  • If an air bubble or two are affecting the surface of the Gelli® Plate, place the uncovered plate on a smooth, flat surface (not wood as the oil from the plate may leach out and affect your table) and the plate will settle and become flat again.
  • To clean the plate, use baby wipes or spray the surface with water and gently wipe away the paint with paper towels. For more stubborn stains or paint, baby oil is great solution. You can also place strips of clear packing tape on the plate and as you pull it away from the surface, it removes paint residue. Since some of the tape adhesive is exposed, place the painty tape strips over another Gelli® print to use later.

Be sure to check out the Gelli Arts® website where you’ll find all their products including Acrylic Paint Sets, and Stencils, packs of 12” x 16” Parchment Paper, Texture Tools and Kits that are perfect for kids or for YOU. 😉 Each kit contains everything you need to begin printing on cards or fabric or feathers and more. Check them out!

Of course you’ll want to look at all the sizes and shapes of Gelli® plates including the newest 9”x12” with its alignment grid and the gorgeous 16”x20” which is perfect for printing fabric, your own wrapping paper and more.

Mark your calendar for our next regular Drama-free Friday LIVE stream on June 1 at 2pm Eastern. It will be here before you know it!

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PS – Did you know that we have an entire playlist dedicated to Creative Chats? Each chat is a great way to get acquainted with some amazing artists and product creators. And check out our Gelli® printing posts about printing on the new 9″ x 12″ plate and visiting Gelli Arts® booth at Creativation 2018.

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