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Wool roving is absolutely luscious fiber, but if you’re not a spinner, what do you do with it? Why not learn how to “paint” with wool roving and your needle felting machine to create your own unique fabrics. Add decorative stitching with neon thread and suddenly wool roving is transformed and your creativity will be on fire!

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My first experience with wool roving and needle felting took place in a class with a fabulous artist named Sharon Costello. Each person in the class decided what she wanted to create and we were given various colors of wool roving and one single felting needle with which to bring our creations from idea to reality.

I spent 3 days felting a seated male figure complete with blue jeans, suspenders, western shirt, string tie and cowboy boots! Three days! I loved the end result, but wowsers, it was a LOT of felting - not to mention a few poked fingers when I wasn’t careful. I truly loved learning the process and was so proud of my guy.

Fast forward several years and I learned how to use a felting needle to apply fibers as hair to my dolls’ heads. This great technique gave my dolls more realistic hairstyles which I loved. Adding to my repertoire of techniques always jazzes me up!

Fast forward a few more years. While attending a sewing convention, I saw a fellow doll artist using a fantastic machine to create costumes for her dolls. I watched, mesmerized, as she combined random raw materials into a sheet of fabric with her magic machine. Of course I was filled with a dozen questions which she patiently answered.

After the convention, I visited my local sewing machine dealer to see if they’d ever heard of this thing called a needle felting machine. Not only had they heard of it, they had one on display. At the time they were quite expensive, so I spent some time debating my “need” for this incredible machine. I read every article and looked up every website I could find about machine needle felting until I was sure that indeed I HAD to own one.

As luck would have it, prices dropped and I ordered a 7-needle Baby Lock Embellisher. My embellisher and I had quite a healthy learning curve! I have to admit that I broke a few needles in the beginning until one day something clicked in my technique and I haven’t broken a needle since.

I love felting wool roving. Every time I begin with wads of colorful wool fiber that I transform into my own unique fabric, I marvel at the ease with which it happens! I love this machine!

I still have my needle felted figure that I made long before I knew about felting machines. I love him, but I seriously doubt that I’ll ever create another. I will, however, always use my felting machine because I love the magic I create from bundles of colorful wool roving.

It’s time to download your class notes and get ready for some serious fun. 😉 I’ll see you in the video class.

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