PREVIEW: How to Create a Self Portrait – Part 2 – s05e07

December 9, 2018
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In this class, the completion of Part 1, you’ll learn how to create the fabric background for your art quilt. You’ll have loads of fun using stitches on your sewing machine that are so much fun to explore. If you’re working on a paper version of your Self-Portrait, you’ll learn how to create a background for a canvas or journal cover. Let’s get started!

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I’m very, very grateful and blessed to enjoy a dedicated creative space. It’s a place in which I am inspired. It’s a place of sanctuary. And it’s where I go to learn. Sometimes my space looks like an explosion has taken place. When an idea is incubating, anyone who steps into the mess knows something out of the ordinary is happening. 🙂

Every project teaches me a little more about my SELF. I didn’t fully realize the truth of that statement until I needed to assemble samples for a course I was preparing. In the midst of multiple pieces of colorful goodness, I was struck by how much I loved each one. It was almost as if I was surrounded by a big colorful three dimensional photo album that illuminated who I am.

As I reflect on that experience, I’m grateful for all the dimensions of my personality that include daughter, sister, aunt, wife, and mother. I am also color and fun and delight and inventive and I’m filled with possibilities yet to be explored. My hands make things that my mind reveals. My mind creates things in the middle of the night and insists that I remember them when the sun rises. My heart feels the exhilaration of discovering who I am - my SELF.

As we complete the How to Create a Self-Portrait class, I hope you enjoy allowing your SELF to take a representational form. You’ll learn a couple of techniques for creating backgrounds in your style with fabric and paper and how to apply the image you’ve created. Feel the joy as the details become more and more personal. Above all else, have fun!

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Barb Owen

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Barb Owen

Barb is the founder of How to Get Creative, author of "Normal Doesn't Live Here Anymore", a specialist at playing in the art studio and has an unhealthy addiction to smiles. ;-)

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