Pamphlet Stitches Made Easy – Make Your Own Books

April 3, 2015
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Video Class:

Fold some paper. Poke a few holes. Stitch it together with a simple Pamphlet Stitch and you've created your very own book. The sky's the limit! Learn 4 different books - cool, easy gifts. Simply click the play button in the video below and let's get started.


What you will Learn:

How to Make Your Own Books!

With a few supplies, you're on your way to making beautiful, one-of-a-kind books and journals.

How to Measure, Cut and Fold Signatures

A little math, a little measuring, a little folding - ta da!!

How to Make Stitching Guides

You need a guide and a sharp pokey thing. Get my favorite pokey tool here.

What in the World is a Piercing Cradle??

You must poke holes accurately for good results.

How to Stitch Single and Multiple Signatures

You need bookbinding needles and waxed linen thread.

Book Closure Ideas

Express yourself with fibers, beads, and more.

Class Supplies you will Need:

Book Cover

Drawing paper

Bone folder


Waxed linen thread

Pokey Piercing tool

Screw Punch


Binder clips


Piercing Cradle

How To - Pamphlet Stitches Made Easy:

For just a moment, imagine that you unearthed a box of goodies you’ve accumulated for a special project. When you remove the lid, inside the box you find

  • drawing paper
  • a beautiful book cover created from fabric-paper or collage, or perhaps it’s quilted fabric, or a luscious piece of machine needle felting
  • waxed linen thread
  • a needle
  • a big thick phone book

No wonder the box was so heavy! What in the world are you going to do with the contents of the box and what were you thinking when you saved that phone book??

Did you know that from those few supplies you can Pamphlet Stitch a beautiful handmade book in only a few minutes?

The coolest part of making your own Pamphlet Stitch books is that you can make them exactly the size you want from the tiniest ornament-size books to big beautiful coffee table display books and everything in between. Pamphlet Stitch books are by far the quickest and easiest books to make. It’s darn close to instant gratification!

You can even show the kids in your life how to make these super fun books, too.

Guess what? In just over an hour I can show you how to create 4 different books that are easily assembled and stitched together by hand - no sewing machine required. Once you know the process, you can make booklets to carry with you for notes or books in which to record special events and dates. These also make great gifts and you can even stitch one together for a special friend that is guaranteed to be unique.

You’ll learn 2 different kinds of Pamphlet Stitch bindings as well as single and multiple signature books. When you make a book step by step, it’s super easy and super fun and it’s all yours.

Once you get started making your own books you’ll be dreaming up new cover ideas just so you can make more! You’ll be making new friends so you have more people to share your books with. You might even decide to sell some. If you can part with them, why not?

To learn a great, fun and simple way to Pamphlet Stitch your own books and journals, just click the play button in the video. See you in class! Oh, and don’t forget that phone book! Click the button!

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Demystifying Pamphlet Stitching so you can easily learn how to stitch your own simple signature books and journals. Learn 4 different books – cool, easy gifts.

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