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Learn how to quickly and easily gather fabric. It’s easy to get creative with beautiful ruffles, puffing, double ruffles, and gathered lace. You’ll learn how to gather fabric, how to create ruffles while attaching to another fabric and lots of fun ideas for use on doll clothes, dress-up clothes, costumes and home-dec.

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Once you’ve made an investment in a good sewing machine, why not take advantage of what it has to offer beyond the straight stitch and zig-zag? Usually the fun “whistles and bells” are the reason you chose that specific machine. 😉

The first machine I sewed on came with a box of presser feet and attachments, but the buttonholer was the only one I used for a long time. Even though I was very curious about those goodies, I was a little scared of them. Perhaps I was afraid that I might mess up my mom’s machine. Honestly, I think she was a little afraid of that, too! 😉

When I bought my own sewing machine, I made sure to take advantage of the guide lessons to learn how to use my new prized possession. I learned about all the various presser feet and optional attachments. Two of them really fascinated me - the Gathering Foot and the Ruffler Attachment.

I enjoy personalizing my home with curtains and other home-dec accessories, but gathering yards of fabric for pillow or quilt edgings is tedious and boring. When I discovered that the machine could do the work for me, I was all over that! As with most things, there is a bit of a learning curve but I was willing to make the effort as I could see the time saving benefits headed my way.

Without a Ruffler Attachment, I’m sure I’d still be stitching my first pair of curtains. 😉 I love pillows and fun pillow cases and being able to quickly stitch ruffles transformed my ideas into creative play.

If you enjoy making costumes, doll clothes or dress-up clothes for kids, you know how many of them have ruffles and pleated trims, too. It’s the perfect excuse for spending a few hours with your machine and learning how you can save some valuable time while enjoying an amazingly creative activity.

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