Paste Papers and Pascale’s Pals!

March 13, 2019
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When you find someone who is doing something that really makes a difference to so many people, it's easy to jump in and contribute. Pascale's Pals is an organization that does exactly that. They help families and children who find themselves in unexpected, life-altering circumstances. I've known Pascale since she was a tiny baby. I've known her throughout her strenuous and victorious battle with cancer and I've watched her family for many years rise up to help others. Every year Pascale's Pals sponsors a fundraiser which allows them to complete big projects as well as provide specific things for kids who may endure treatment and hospitalization for months at a time.

The journals I created were received with open arms and will be used by those who need a safe place to write or sketch. I appreciate the privilege of contributing to Pascale's Pals. It is definitely my honor.

In this video, you'll watch me begin with blank sheets of Canson Mix-Media paper and paints mixed with Elmer's Art Paste. You'll see how I approach my fun and very simple method of creating Paste Papers. I love making big sheets of paper, each with several layers of textured paint and paste. Each one makes its way through the UGLY stage when I think, “Well, this one is obviously an epic fail!” Persistence pays off! 

After the papers were totally dried, I covered 8 Moleskine journals and had enough leftover paper to make a bookmark and a small art card for each, too. The title of each journal comes from a deck of Mandala Madness Inspiration Cards. (I have one deck that has provided dozens of words, phrases, small Mandalas, and more for my creative projects. It's AMAZING how much arty goodness is within these 48 cards!)

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