Old Journals and Affirmation Mobile

June 4, 2017
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Recently, I was given the most wonderful old journals, ledgers and old ephemera. If you've followed me here or taken my classes on HowToGetCreative or watched Drama-free Friday, you KNOW how much I love books of any kind. If I had to choose just one category of books to keep, I have to say I'd always reach for the hand-written collection first. There's nothing quite like reading about the everyday lives of people who have come before me to inspire and guide me. 

If I ever find myself stuck in a rut, feeling sorry for myself, an hour or two spend reading these treasured old tomes removes all self-doubt and questioning.

I don't know about you, but I love the size and shape of Disbursement Journals or Record Books. I also love Ruled Journals for writing. Any of these are so much fun to use for Art Journals, too.

During this episode of Drama-free Friday, I showed my collection of old journals, recipe books, and baby books and the viewers and I discussed handwriting and how it communicates so much more than just words. Do you journal? If you do, do you always use words, or do you incorporate art along with words? I'd love to know your experience with journaling, so just leave me a comment below if you'd like to share.

After the viewers and I wandered through all my old books, I returned to my Affirmation Mobile that I started last week. This is inspired from an article in Somerset Studio Gallery by Lynn Moncrieff. Although mine only vaguely resembles her mobile, I am so grateful that I saw the article because I would never have thought about doing this, so thanks Lynn!

Below, you can see the details. Just click the images.

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