Top 12 Art Journaling Must-Haves

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Art journaling is much more than writing in a diary or collecting pictures. It's creative and it's fun! See what you need and save some money.  In class I'll show you exactly How To Get Creative with Art Journaling Supplies. Cool stuff to play with coming right up! Click the play button in the video below.


What you will Learn:

Best Books for Art Journaling

So many great books for art journaling! Get my favorite journal here.

Incredible Inks

Which inks are water soluble and which are permanent? You can buy permanent, non-reactive inks here.

Personal Paints

Create a collection of your favorite colors. Get Distress Paints here.

Great Glue

Learn which glue is best in your journal. Get Collage Pauge here.

Scrumptious Stamps

Rubber stamps are addictive!  Buy Dylusions rubber stamps here.

Stupendous Stencils

Try all kinds of stencils. I love Crafter's Workshop Stencils. Get them here.

Terrific Tape

Use tape for all kinds of things. Start your collection! Get beautiful decorative tapes here.

Perfect Pens

You need pens for writing and doodling and playing. Buy beautiful pens here.

Supplies you will Need:










Collage Fodder



Class Description - Art Journaling:

Need a place to park some of that silly head-stuff? Do you like color, collage, and quotes? Art journaling is a fun, cool, creative way to express and explore.

I bet you’ve guessed that art journaling is more than just writing stuff in a diary. And it’s a lot more than a place to collect and paste pictures of things you like or want to buy some day.

Did you know you could get lost in a store brimming with arty goodness while trying to figure out what you need to get started with Art Journaling Supplies?

Art Journaling Supplies in every aisle call your name. (Art Journaling Supplies do talk, you know!) They actually tempt you and you REALLY want to take them ALL home but don’t have a clue where to start. What if you make an expensive mistake by selecting something that isn’t good for Art Journaling at all?

This is where I come to your rescue! I’ll show you exactly where to start and what you need. You don’t need a ton of Art Journaling Supplies, either, but you gotta have some basic stuff.

If you know what you need and where to look, it’s easy and you’ll save money when you know what to choose.

After I show you about all that, I’ll help you find some cool stuff at the grocery store. Did you know that the baby aisle of the grocery store has Art Journaling Supplies? Indeed it does! It’s entirely possible that a big box of crayons might call your name in the grocery store, too.

Let your imagination go crazy as you jumpstart your creativity with Art Journaling Supplies. It doesn’t get much easier than this. Just watch the video and make your list (class notes available to help you with that) and shop with confidence. Not only is it easy, it’s a ton of fun, too!

First, you gotta have your stuff and then together we’ll figure out How To Get Creative with your Art Journaling Supplies.

All you need to do is click the play button in the video.

Download Class Notes:

Download Class Notes - Illustrated Tutorial

Illustrated Tutorial

Download Illustrated Tutorial Class Notes for this video. 

Download Class Notes - Text Only

Text Only

Download Text Only Class Notes for this video.

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How to find the best art journaling supplies. What you need and where to get it. Cool stuff to play with coming right up!

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