It's Easy!
LIVE! How to Begin Painting a Hand Carved Fantasy Bird
Learn how to begin painting a fun, colorful, hand carved Basswood bird.
PREVIEW: How to Create an Art Journal Page From Scraps – s03e11
Learn how to make an art journal page from scrap card stock and fabric.
LIVE! Fun Stitched Envelope Treasure Book
Learn how to create a stitched envelope book for letters and treasures.
PREVIEW: How to Create No-Sew Projects With Hand Painted Fabrics – s03e10
Learn how to create beautiful and easy fabric projects without sewing.
LIVE! Mixed-Media Muppet in Red Glasses
Learn how to paint a fun mixed-media portrait from a photo of Muppet.
LIVE! Creative Chat with Cat Hand
Barb and Cat Hand enjoy a Creative Chat and make posies for a fun card.

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