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Have you ever thought of your sewing machine as a tool for writing? Once you know what you want to write along with fabric, batting, stabilizer and thread, you are well on your way to a fun and creative art quilt. Gather your supplies and let’s stitch!

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It’s easy to think that buying the latest and greatest new supplies will somehow enable us to generate more beautiful projects. Although I, too, love bringing home new things to try, I’ve discovered that learning to explore and use what I already own gives me great pleasure. Like the old adage says, “Practice makes perfect.” Well, I gave up perfection a long time ago, but practicing has revealed and refined many of my favorite techniques - like using my sewing machine as a writing tool

Using creative tools and supplies in unexpected ways is both fun and challenging. As a 5 year old learning to sew, I never dreamed that my sewing machine would become such an important tool in my creative space. In fact, when creating new designs, my sewing machine is often one of the first creative tools I choose.

Years ago I purchased a sewing machine with an embroidery unit which I still enjoy using. The stitching is unparalleled when using a good machine, quality thread and the correct stabilizer. I’ve embroidered all kinds of garments, towels, gift tags, Christmas stockings and more. Most of the designs I’m drawn to contain words or quotes and I’m sure that comes as no surprise to many of you. 😉

Several years ago I found an old autograph album that belonged to my mother. The messages, written by many people I’d heard stories about but never knew, were incredibly compelling. Reading the words as I imagined a pen scratching across the pages elicited a feeling of connection strengthened through their handwriting

In my studio a growing stack of handwritten journals serves as a crazy, mundane and occasionally exciting recap of my life. When I look at my own written and printed words, I remember the emotions I was experiencing at the time of the writing. Handwriting is powerful stuff!

The shapes of words, the loops and other identifying characteristics of handwriting piqued my interest in learning to use my sewing machine as a writing tool. After a lot of practice and experimentation, I found a formula that is easy to replicate. I’ll share everything with you in this class so you, too, can capture a moment in time through your handwriting in stitch.

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