PREVIEW: How to Create a Hexagon Fabric Box – Part 1 – s05e03

August 10, 2018
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Learn how to create a fun exploding Fabric Hexagon Box. Barb shows you how to make your own Hexagon pattern, select fabric and prepare the box sections for this beautiful box that lies flat when completely opened. It’s perfect for holding sewing supplies, as a travel art kit or a unique way to hold a special gift.

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I can’t seem to throw away a nice gift box, even if I know that it’s been mass produced. I value the box as part of the gift because I know it will be handy for storage or filling with something for someone else. There’s something almost magical about a pretty box, isn’t there?

A box tells you a lot about the giver. You know if he’s in a hurry to get the job done, don’t you? A plain box with a bow stuck on it might let you in on an “Oops, I almost forgot!” moment. 😉 A gift packaged within a box embellished with motifs that mean something special to you, tells you the giver has been paying attention to your words, your heart or the connection between you that doesn’t require words.

Candy was once packaged in elaborate, beautiful boxes. I remember finding just such a long, narrow box with a reproduced painting of a beautiful Victorian lady on the lid. Although the box was decades old, the satin ribbon was still clinging to the top by a few threads. I treasured everything about that box, including the smell of chocolate that still wafted into the air when opened. Can’t you smell it in your imagination?

I’ve kept several completely ordinary boxes, too. One is a box of unknown origin that contains my mother’s collection of eclectic crochet hooks. There is nothing special about the box nor the odd assortment of hooks, but her handwriting remains on the box where she labeled the contents and recorded notes about projects she was creating. It’s priceless to me although it has no monetary value.

I’m sure it comes as no surprise that I love to decorate and create boxes, too. Sometimes, a cigar box is in such bad condition that it needs layers of paper to rescue it. Once reinforced, the box becomes the perfect creative canvas for decorative painting effects, stenciling, stamping, and other forms of self-expression.

When I happened to discover exploding boxes, I was in love! Each one is not only a box, it’s a fun surprise as it flops flat when opened. In this class you’ll learn about a uniquely shaped exploding box that might contain a gift or be the gift itself. The purpose of this Hexagon Fabric Box is yours to decide. Is it a sewing box? Is it a box to fill with on-the-go art supplies? Is it the vehicle to give a very special gift to a friend or family member? I can’t wait to hear your stories!

Be sure to download your class notes that you’ll find beside the video. Once you complete this class, move right on to Part 2 to learn how to assemble and finish your beautiful Hexagon Fabric Box.

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