Fabric-paper Made From Construction Paper

April 3, 2015
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Video Class:

Beautiful stitchable Fabric Paper without messy glue starts with kids’ construction paper. It's fun! You can't buy anything like it! Definitely not just for kids, either. Let's get started. Click the play button in the video below.


What you will Learn:

See Construction Paper Transformed

Ordinary kids' construction paper becomes stitchable fabric-paper. Get your construction paper here.

Learn About Oil Pastels

What are oil pastels? Learn how to use them. Buy a great set of oil pastels here.

Learn to Squeeze Paper into Fabric.

Did you ever knead bread dough? It's kind of like that!

It's Sew Easy to Stitch on Fabric-paper. 

You need a sewing machine. Get a super sewing machine here.  

How to Use Fabric-paper

Make all kinds of beauties with your Fabric-paper. You only need some imagination.

Class Supplies you will Need:

Construction Paper

Oil Pastels

Acrylic Paint


Water Container


Black Sharpie

Gold Leafing Pens

Parchment Paper

Fusible Interfacing

Wonder Under Web


Sewing Machine

Bobbin Saver

Open-toe Presser Foot

Free-Motion Presser Foot

Topstitch Needles


King Tut Thread

Sulky Thread - 12wt.

Transparent Fabric

How to -  Fabric-paper From Construction Paper:

I think we should lobby for 5 seasons instead of 4. The fifth one should be called Back-to-School and not just because the kids are getting back into a routine. It’s the time of year you walk into any office supply or discount store and the front aisles are filled and overflowing with new, delicious, colorful art supplies. Can’t you just smell all the artsy goodness when you enter the store? It can wake up your senses as much as evergreens and candy canes!

Now, I’m sure the creators of these bins of goodness don’t label them as art supplies, but nevertheless, that’s what I call them and I stock up because the prices are super!

I love taking advantage of back-to-school sales to replenish my studio with kids’ construction paper and anything else I use a lot like glue sticks, pens, crayons and composition notebooks. I especially love white or other light colors of construction paper because I can do so much with it, like make my own Fabric Paper. (And, if it’s not school-supply time of year, that doesn’t stop me from finding construction paper because it’s available year round.)

Have you ever tried making Fabric Paper? It’s probably more fun than you should be allowed to have. Fabric Paper is simply a combination of paper and fabric put together in such a way that the characteristics of both are strengthened.

By using a few basic supplies from office supply and fabric stores you can create beautiful Fabric Paper that people will drool over. (Just watch that they don’t drool ON it. LoL!)

After playing with colorful shapes of oil pastels on paper, you’ll learn how to turn construction paper into a beautifully pliable, stitchable Fabric Paper. It’s an amazing, yet incredibly simple technique that doesn’t use messy glue nor does it require hours of drying time. BONUS!

Although Fabric Paper isn’t washable, you can use it for all kinds of fun projects like journal covers, greeting cards or post cards, for wallhangings or art quilts, bookmarks, and you can even make your own charms and beads. I bet you’ll think of lots more ways to use your awesome Fabric Paper, too. Using construction paper is definitely not just for kids!

Joining the class is really easy. Just click the button in the video and I’ll see you in class.

To make fabric-paper from kids’ stuff you need:

Download Class Notes:

Download Class Notes - Illustrated Tutorial

Illustrated Tutorial

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Download Class Notes - Text Only

Text Only

Download Text Only Class Notes for this video. 

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Learn the easy way to create beautiful stitchable fabric-paper without messy glue using kids’ construction paper. Definitely not just for kids!

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