Scissors 101 – Cutting Through Confusion

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Cut through lots of confusion when buying Scissors - whether for fabric, paper, or crafting. Good tools mean less stress and time spent. Understanding which shears and Scissors are good, and which are great will help you make your best decision for the task at hand. Learning how to care for and clean your Scissors extends the life in them, too. Cut through the confusion by clicking the Play button in the video to join the class. 


What you will Learn:

Best Non-stick Crafting Scissor

So many choices! Get a great non-stick crafting scissor here.

Fabulous Fabric Shears

Nice fabric needs great shears. Buy fabulous shears here.

What Happens to Great Scissors?

Scissors and shears don't last forever. What happens when they lose their edge?

Scissors For Paper

Paper edgers are super for card makers and paper crafters. Get fun paper shapers here.

Marking Scissors

Why do you need to mark your scissors?

Why Snips?

Snips save time. Get great snips here.

Special Jobs Call For Special Scissors

Need a scissor that cuts most anything? This is it! Buy Cut Anything scissors here.

Muscle Fatigue?

If you experience fatigue while cutting, there are shears and scissors that can help. Buy a helpful shear here.

Cleaning Scissor Blades

Gunky blades? Learn how to de-gunk .

Must-have Scissor and Shears

What are Barb's absolute must-have choices in shears and scissors?

Class Supplies you will Need:

Tonic Crafting Scissor

Fiskars Shears

Fiskars Small Scissor

Paper Shapers

Fiskars Paper Edgers

Leather Shears

Cut Anything Scissors

Kitchen Shears

Gingher 8" Fabric Shears

Gingher 7" Fabric Shears

Gingher 5" Scissor

Gingher Embroidery Scissor

Gingher Curved Embroidery Scissor

Gingher Thread Snips

Stork Scissor

Soft Grip Shears

Easy Action Scissor

Fiskars Rag Quick Snips

Appliqué Scissor

Pinking Shears

Scalloping Shears

Buttonhole Scissor


Isopropyl Alcohol 70

How To - Buy Scissors + Cleaning and Care:

Did you know. . . Early Scissors made from one piece of metal were found in Egypt dating as far back as 1500 BC?

Modern cross-bladed Scissors like we use today were discovered in Rome as early as 100 AD and are mentioned in guild and artisan association records. The Scissors’ simple design reflects the Romans love of clean lines and simple construction. As the Romans traveled, so did Scissors. Trade routes to Europe developed and a market was established with traders and guild members including tailors and barbers.

After the Roman period, even greater care was given to Scissors’ quality and design. In Mediterranean countries, fancier-styled scissors developed and were sold to people not necessarily associated with guilds.

As calligraphy spread throughout Islamic countries, concave blades were developed to cut paper. Scissors became a part of everyone’s life and not just for the use of tradesmen and the wealthy.

Scissors developed their own mystique as superstitions and household sayings grew in popularity. Just as a forged key was said to hold a blacksmith’s charm, the often accepted lore that hand-wrought tools possessed power was strongly tied to Scissors.

Perhaps as a kid you were told

“You will 'cut off' fortune if you use Scissors on New Year's Day.”

“Scissors should be put away during thunderstorms to decrease the likelihood that the house will be struck by lightning.”


“On Wednesday and Friday, none should use a needle or Scissors, bake bread or sow flax.”

Fast forward. . .

When was the last time you shopped for Scissors? If it’s been longer than 2 years, you’re in for a BIG surprise!! The array of choices is vast and confusing as prices range from a couple of dollars to more than you thought possible to spend on a single pair of Scissors.

To help you cut through the confusion, in this class you’ll learn about choosing the right Scissor for the job. You can’t expect a $10 scissor to cut like a fine $100 cutting instrument. Knowledge helps prevent expensive mistakes.

If you need help sorting out brands, sizes, and how to make wise Scissor choices,  come see a whole table full of Scissors in my studio! Just click the Play button in the video to join the class.

In class you’ll see:

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Let cut through lots of confusion when buying scissors – whether for fabric, paper, or crafting. Learn how to care for and clean them, too.

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