Fabric-paper Circle Flowers – Fast and Fun

April 2, 2015
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Video Class:

Create easy Fabric-Paper Flowers with paint, fusible web, and beautiful circular decorative machine stitches. No one can resist such fun blooms. Collect your supplies and let's get creating. Just click the Play button in the video below.


What you will Learn:

Let's Talk Color

Learn about warm and cool colors and how to avoid a muddy look. Get a helpful color wheel here.

How to Paint Paper Towels on Purpose

It's so much fun to paint paper towels with craft paints. Get the perfect rag towels to paint here. Get acrylic paint here.

Turn Paper Towels Into Fabric-paper

I love Fabric-paper! It's sew versatile. Use fusible interfacing or fusible web to create stitchable paper towels.

Stitching and Cutting Flower Shapes

Stitch and cut lots and lots of circles. In class you'll see lots of ideas for stitches, threads and shaping.

Growing Flowers

Learn to grow Fabric-paper circles into flowers. Easy!

Embellish and Get Creative

Embellish your flowers and use them!

Class Supplies you will Need:

Box of Rags Paper Towels

Craft Paints

Foam Brushes

Color Wheel

Ice Cube Tray

Spray Bottle


Parchment Paper

Fusible Interfacing

Fusible Web

Sewing Machine

Open-toe Presser Foot

Circular Embroidery attachment

Flower Stitcher

Decorative Machine Thread

Topstitch Needles

Amazing Tape

Gingher 5" Craft Scissor

Pinking Shears

Scalloping Shears



Decorative Brads

Hand Stitching Needles

Beading Thread


Tacky Glue

Small Clamps

How to - Fabric-paper Circle Flowers:

Don’t you love Flowers? They brighten your day and I bet you can’t stop smiling when someone surprises you with a bouquet. They stir your senses through aromatherapy and color, making you feel happier and more alive. There’s just nothing quite like beautiful Flowers to give your spirit a lift.

In the mid 1600s, Flowers were painted on money chests. They adorned cabinets and display cases with shapes of inlaid mother-of-pearl. Flowers decorated stained glass windows, curled around the rims of pottery bowls and cups and were stitched into wallhangings and curtains.

Through the ages, Flowers have been incorporated in maps and routes to safety for persecuted people, been the highlight of feasts, and later became the focus of entire festivals dedicated to a single Flower. The Rose Parade began in the late 1800s and still remains a highlight for thousands of people during the holiday season.

In addition to the cultivated blooms we know today, Flowers have been memorialized in plastic, silk, satin, velvet, muslin, clay, glass, paper, feathers, wax, beads and soap.

Flowers are often photographed as if the beholder is trying to capture a moment of beauty before it fades. Flowers are willing specimens, graciously posing as subjects for beautiful paintings. When you think of Vincent van Gogh, you can’t help recalling his Sunflower paintings or Claude Monet’s beautiful impressionistic Flower gardens. How lucky we are to get to see such beauty on canvas through their eyes.

If you enjoy Flowers, Fabric, Paper, paint, and easy sewing machine techniques, this is a fun class.

You’ll learn to create Flowers with the help of a thumb tack and something as ordinary as paper towels transformed into beautiful Fabric-Paper. Once these special Fabric-Paper beauties bloom, they can decorate clothing, tote bags, hats, journals, and greeting cards. Why not display a glass bowl on your table filled with your handmade Flowers?

In this class you’ll learn about a specific kind of paper towel that feels like fabric. By combining painted paper towels and fusible products the towels become Fabric-Paper - perfect for making beautiful Flowers - all without any messy, watered-down glue.

Joining the class is easy. Just click the play button in the video and watch your garden grow.

Some of the supplies in class include:

Download Class Notes:

Download Class Notes - Illustrated Tutorial

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Download Class Notes - Text Only

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Create easy Fabric-Paper Flowers with paint, fusible web, and beautiful circular decorative machine stitches.

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