PREVIEW: How to Create a Canvas with Mixed-Media Fabric – s05e01

April 10, 2018
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In this class you’ll learn how to use the Mixed-Media fabrics you created during the Season 05 Pre-Season class to stitch a beautiful background for a square canvas. You’ll learn how to create harmony between warm and cool colors and how to showcase a silhouette focal image inspired from a stencil.

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Does this ever happen to you? You have an idea. You know, an idea that keeps you from going to sleep, or it’s the first thing you think about when your body wakes up. It’s so clear in your mind but the moment you put your inspiration into action, nothing works the way it did during all those dreamy hours. It was so great in your sleep. Your dreams convince you that you just might be the next great master, (crazy dream state!) but the inspiration just isn’t coming together. Why??

This class - How to Create a Canvas with Mixed-Media Fabric, - was one of those stubborn dreams that wouldn’t go away, yet wouldn’t translate into reality either. I tried every concept that kept me awake - without success. Why oh why did it work in my dreams but not in my studio! Who knows?!

After years of creating, I’ve discovered that when a persistent challenge arises, I have a choice. I can exercise my creative muscles and stick to it for as long as it takes or I can just give up and move on. Perhaps I’m stubborn, but I refuse to ignore such an utterly dreamy idea. 🙂 You never know when it’s THE idea!

Part of my starting creative process means pulling out a stash of supplies. When I begin a new project I love using my own raw materials. It’s fun to explore the color wheel and discover my favorite combinations of cool and warm tones as I watch the process unfold in front of me on paper and fabric. Sometimes I spend days doing nothing but replenishing my stash so I’m ready for an inspirational “moment.”

Once I’ve collected my stuff, I start making . . . and making . . . and making. After lots of trials, the magic finally happened and everything came together to manifest as Mixed-Media fabric canvases. Success!!

In this class you’ll learn how to create harmony between warm and cool colors complemented by a sweet bird and branch focal image. Perfection isn’t required so you can let your imagination out to play! There are only a few rules (or suggestions) and you’ll be creating your own beautiful canvas in no time.

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PS - In the Pre-season 05 class entitled How to Create Mixed-Media Fabrics, we explored two different color themes. If you haven’t watched that class, I highly recommend that you do, so your fabrics are all ready to create a Mixed-Media Canvas or two or three!

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Barb Owen

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Barb Owen

Barb is the founder of How to Get Creative, author of "Normal Doesn't Live Here Anymore", a specialist at playing in the art studio and has an unhealthy addiction to smiles. ;-)

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