PREVIEW: How to Embellish a Moon Maiden – s04e11

November 7, 2017
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In the previous class How to Create a Moon Maiden s04e10, you learned how to paint a whimsical face on fabric and how to construct the body with foundation piecing. Now it’s time to embellish her to bring out her personality. In this class you’ll learn how to easily dye and add sparkle to rayon ribbon along with adding sequins, beads, couching, and beaded fringe,

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As long as I’ve been making dolls and 3-dimensional figures, I still enjoy the mystery surrounding each of them. I usually have a plan when I begin, but I’m always open to serendipitous detours that inevitably occur during the creation process. I like to think that the figure and I are collaborating together as she arrives.

When the Moon Maiden appeared in my mind, I knew that she would not be an ordinary character. I saw her dripping with beads and trims and charms and ribbons; however, I left space in my vision for the possibility that the Moon Maiden might have other ideas. In fact, I was pretty certain that she would make her opinion known as we went along.

In How to Create a Moon Maiden s04e11, we covered the fun aspects of painting a whimsical face on fabric, foundation piecing her body and how to create and stuff the figure. As you stitched and stuffed your Moon Maiden, I’m sure you saw her personality begin to emerge. 😉 Now it’s time to see what it actually looks like.

Because I make special dolls called Soul Support dolls to help those dealing with tough life stuff, I have a unique collection of random bits and pieces. It’s a great place to find inspiration for sweet characters like the Moon Maiden. After collecting a wide assortment of goodies, each Moon Maiden and I got lost in the magic of expressing her heart’s desire. If you don't have a stash of charms, beads, found objects, etc., this is a great time to build one!

From those magical hours of play in my studio, you’ll get to benefit from all sorts of techniques. Your Moon Maiden may be embellished with many things like hand dyed ribbons that are attached with beads so they appear to be floating across the surface. You’ll see ideas for charms, interesting beads and found objects that make great surface embellishment. I’ll show you how to attach copper jump rings through the stuffed figure to hold charms, etc., and I’ll show you how to make your own custom cords for displaying your Moon Maiden.

Each Moon Maiden will be as unique as her beautiful personality. Don’t you love that?!

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?! It’s time to get started with your How to Embellish a Moon Maiden class, so download your fully illustrated notes, grab something to drink and I’ll see you in the video class.

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