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May 25, 2017
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Learn how to create an easy and unique beaded bookmark. I’ll show you how much fun it is to make customizable bookmarks to fit any sized special book. Can you imagine giving the gift of a handmade book with a perfectly coordinated, beaded bookmark or several beaded bookmarks in various sizes to fit most any book? Let’s get creative with wire, beads, crystals and more!

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When you enter a store filled with creative supplies, does your mind begin swirling with projects and possibilities? Beading stores and bead shows, in particular, are delicious places to visit! They are positively filled to the brim with eye candy! The colors and shapes seem to shimmy and dance and beg to go home with you, don't they? Hanks of pre-strung beads, baskets of novelty beads and perfect lighting enhances everything as it beckons your wallet to lose all common sense. I know you understand what I'm talking about!

“The Magpie Effect” happens to me in art supply stores, quilting stores, and even in hardware stores! And it ALWAYS happens in bead stores and the beading section of craft stores. I'm pretty sure that those little beauties have hypnotic powers!

Perhaps it’s time for a true confession. 😉 Years ago when I fancied myself as someone who could focus on just one creative art, I decided to concentrate on beading and signed up for an all day class. At the time I was looking for interesting embellishments for my handmade dolls and the small amulet project seemed perfect for one of my special muses.

After paying for the class, purchasing my supplies and starting the project multiple times without much success, I left gravely disappointed in my results and more than $100 poorer. The problem? I was trying to learn a beading technique with teensy weensy Delica beads for a finished project that measured smaller than a postage stamp!

In spite of that, I’m still lured by beads ranging in size from large hand-carved novelty beads to tiny luminous Delicas that require magnifying lenses to see them! No matter the variety of beads I own, I seem to create most often with seed beads and crystals. They are available in a huge assortment of colors and finishes and relatively easy to handle, string and stitch.

This Beaded Bookmarks class is all about having fun while learning some new techniques that may be related to future jewelry making projects, too.

If you are new to creating with beads, I hope you will have quick success as you play with beads and create something pretty and useful. If you are experienced with beading, this class will be a fun way to brush up on your skills.

Download your illustrated class notes, watch the video class, gather your supplies and have fun!

I’ll see you in class.

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