How to Make a Tablet Keeper

April 2, 2015
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Video Class:

Once you learn to make your own delicious Construction Paper Fabric-Paper, why not use some of it to make your own Tablet Keeper? From your fabric-paper, beautiful threads and yummy fibers, your Tablet Keeper will be ALL yours and it's the perfect size to hold a small legal pad, business cards and recycled junk-mail note pads that you stitch on your sewing machine. Let's get going!! Click the play button in the video below.


What you will Learn:

Secrets for Delightful Free-Motion Stitching

If you don't have a free-motion presser foot for your sewing machine, you NEED one. Check this one out. 

Learn to Use a Rotary Cutter, Mat and Ruler

Using a rotary cutter makes quick work of preparing your Table Keeper pieces. Get your Rotary Cutter here. Buy a great self-healing mat here. Get a 6x12 ruler here. Buy a 12 square ruler here.

How to Create Beautiful Satin Stitching

You need an open-toe presser foot for your machine. Get a presser foot here. Get King Tut thread for gorgeous satin stitching here.

How to Finish Edges With Fiber

Beautiful fibers and yarns create a unique finish for your Tablet Keeper. Buy yummy yarns here.

Learn to Turn Corners

Machines don't like stitching challenges. Learn to turn corners without getting stuck.

How to Create Stitched Cords

By stitching over yarns and fibers, you can make a delicious closure for your Tablet Keeper. Buy the perfect yarn here.

Class Supplies you will Need:

Construction Paper Fabric-paper

Cotton Lining Fabric

Sewing Machine

Free-Motion Presser Foot

Open-toe Presser Foot

Supreme Slider

Painter's Tape



Sulky KK2000 Temporary Spray Adhesive

Rotary Tools

Shears and Scissors

Hot Iron Cleaner

Parchment Paper


Magnetic Pin Holder


Empty Box

How To - Make a Tablet Keeper:

When you hear the word “Tablet” I bet the first thing that pops into your head is Kindle, iPad, Nook, and eReaders. You might recall paper Tablets you kept in your desk in grade school - you know the ones with 3-lined paper for practicing your alphabet. Don’t tell anyone, but I still have a red Big Chief pencil Tablet! Yes, yes I do! LOL!

My mom always wrote notes and letters on an inexpensive Tablet of white lined paper. She was very picky about the size, too. The right Tablet couldn’t be too big nor too small. The lines had to be just the right distance apart and the paper had to feel properly smooth beneath her pen. I think I may have inherited some of her Tablet quirks!

I love my ipad, for sure, but I have to admit that sometimes I’m still old school. I always carry a small Tablet with me for random ideas and notes. It doesn’t take long to look really ratty after being stuffed in my purse or tote bag for a while. Because I love to make my own customized accessories, a Tablet Keeper was definitely something I wanted AND needed!

The Tablet Keeper you’ll learn to make in this class is just big enough to hold a small legal pad with an extra pocket to hold a pen or business cards or note pads that can be created by stitching on a sewing machine. Even the wrapped yarn closure is created easily on your sewing machine. No fuss, no muss just fun.

Speaking of a sewing machine. . . this is a super sewing machine project. The Tablet Keeper cover is made of yummy construction paper fabric-paper. It’s the perfect project for using some of your fabric-paper and, for sure, no one else will have one just like it!

Along with your sewing machine you need an open-toe appliqué presser foot for the best visibility. We all deserve the best tools to make our creative projects faster and easier, right? Of course we do!

If you’re ready to make your own Tablet Keeper (they make great gifts, too) all you need to do is click the play button in the video and I’ll meet you in class!

In class we’ll also use:

Download Class Notes:

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How to stitch a Tablet Keeper from fabric-paper, pretty threads and fibers. It’s perfect for small legal pads, business cards and more.

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