Potholder Pro Loom by Harrisville Designs – Review by Barb

December 20, 2017
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Do you remember weaving potholders? Back in the day, the potholder looms were metal and often lasted through multiple children in a family. Today, it’s more common to find plastic looms in craft and big box stores. Although they work, the plastic is lightweight and tends to snag the loops. 🙁

A couple of weeks ago I discovered a local weaving and yarn store filled from floor to ceiling with beautiful fibers and accessories. As I browsed, my eyes landed on a colorful pile of loopy goodness. Of course I had to investigate further because I might “need” them!

Hanging above the yummy piles of loops were what appeared to be large Potholder Looms. I did what any inquisitive creative person would do – I grabbed one! It’s a 10” loom called the Potholder Pro by Harrisville Designs. This loom measures 10” x 10” and yields an 8” square potholder.

You can purchase a Potholder Pro Loom directly from Harrisville Designs with enough Cotton loops to make 2 colorful potholders. They have a selection of additional loop choices to purchase, and a great app on the site called the Potholder Wizard that allows you to experiment with designs and colors. It’s really fun and assures your success before you begin!

Although I love cotton, I wondered how potholders made with wool loops might be different. According to the brochure from my local store, “Wool is fire Retardant. It won’t flame when near a fire. Wool insulates to protect from heat. These loops are for weaving multi-function Potholder-Trivet-Oven Mitts and they are nature-dyed to create sensible Potholders.”

The kit I bought from my local weaving store did not include a long metal weaving hook, so I just used my fingers which I found easy to do. (If you have problems with your hands, you might benefit from the specialty hook.) I love the look and feel of the wool woven potholders! The colors and patterns are truly beautiful! (I’ve not tried the cotton loops from Harrisville Designs so I can’t compare the two.) When finishing the edges and removing the potholder from the loom, it does require some hand strength, so kids might need some help.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using this loom for its intended purpose. It’s totally fun to create new interesting useful potholders. I have plans to explore lots of other uses for this loom, but that’s another story. 😉

Check out a few of my Potholders created with the Wool Loopers.

If you don't have a Potholder Pro Loom, I highly recommend it for some serious fun!!

Until next time ~

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Barb Owen

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