PREVIEW: How to Create With Faber Castell Crayons – s01e13

October 27, 2015
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Learn what happens when an art journal, crayons, glue and a little serendipity collide. We'll create a fun, expressive art journal page that starts with washable GEL glue and ends with highly pigmented crayons and luscious pens.

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Have you tried Art Journaling? If you haven’t tried this fabulous way of self-expression yet, I bet I can guess some of the reasons. You don’t know where to begin. Or, you’re not sure what kind of journal to use. Or, you don’t have the supplies you see people using. Or, you’re worried that it might look ugly when you finish. Or, what if this is just another new fad that will fade away.

Let's clear up some confusion. Anytime you begin something new, it can be intimidating until you find your comfort level. I taught piano lessons for almost 20 years and every new student was scared about beginning. They didn’t need to know how to play a Beethoven Sonata before taking the first lesson. They just needed to be willing to begin. If a student did what I asked, they were playing beautiful pieces in a very short time. It works like that with Art Journaling, too. Follow the steps for a while and soon enough you’ll be effortlessly creating beautiful pages.

People use all different kinds of books for Art Journaling. Some prefer to recycle an old printed book which immediately eliminates fear of the white page. Other people like to make their own art journals so they can use their favorite paper. I really like using a mixed-media journal that stands up to anything I throw on the page. The key is to get a book, or several different kinds of books, and experiment. You’ll soon find the paper and book layout you like best. It’s fun to try lots of options.

Supplies for art journaling can be overwhelming, for sure. Entire companies exist just for the purpose of making great supplies. Where do you begin? You can either jump in and buy lots of stuff (which means spending a pretty penny) or you can get a bottle of glue, some crayons and some acrylic paint, like we’ll be using in this class, and play with them until you feel comfortable. Then, gradually you can add a few more supplies that look interesting. There are no rules!

Now for the question about creating ugly pages. . . Never worry about making an ugly page in your Art Journal. If you don’t like something you’ve created, simply paint over it with gesso and try again. It’s easy!

Art Journaling began hundreds of years ago. Did you know that Leonardo da Vinci kept Art Journals? In fact, today we can buy reproductions of several of his journals to see his process. As long as there is the need to be creative, people will make art in journals.

This promises to be a fun Art Journal class. Collect your supplies and give it a try. Don’t forget to download your notes and I’ll see you in class!


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Barb Owen

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Barb Owen

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