Mary Ellen’s Best Press – Review by Barb

December 23, 2017
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When I work and play with fabric, I usually prefer to stiffen the fabric. For years, I always reached for starch. The major downside to aerosol starch or sizing is the resulting colossal mess and that makes me very unhappy! Once the spray is airborne, it settles on everything, makes a mess on my ironing board and deposits gunk on the bottom of my iron. Yuck!!

Several years ago, I found Mary Ellen’s Best Press which is a clear starch alternative. It adds body to fabric which is really helpful for quilting projects and so much more. The bottle is clear so you can easily see how much remains and when you need to get a refill. The bottle doesn’t clog (major plus!) and Best Press doesn’t flake (another major plus). If you try Best Press and like it, you might even consider purchasing a gallon so you always have it on hand! 🙂

Mary Ellen’s is available in a variety of light scents including Mint Splash, Linen Fresh, Frankincense and Myrrh, Citrus Grove, Cherry Blossom, Caribbean Beach, Tea Rose Garden, Lavender Fields, and Peaches’n Cream. If you are sensitive to scents, it’s also available in Scent Free. I’ve used both scented and unscented and I like both options.

Dedicated quilt stores frequently offer a refill service, too. Take your empty Best Press bottle to the store and they will refill it which saves you money and space in a landfill.

After putting it through its paces, I have to say that Best Press is now a staple in my sewing area and I will continue to use it for any application in which I’ve previously chosen spray starch or sizing.

Two thumbs up from me for Mary Ellen’s Best Press!

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