LIVE Stream Replay: Soul Support Dolls for Pascale’s Pals

February 21, 2016
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Welcome to the replay of Drama-Free Friday – although to be honest I had a bit of drama when technology got the best of me here and there. It all worked out after a few minutes. 🙂

You'll see a video within the replay that tells you all about Pascale's Pals. Pascale is a vibrant young woman who once struggled with leukemia. The organization was founded by her parents to help families who are going through similar situations. In the video, you'll see many of the things that Pascale's Pals has accomplished. It's amazing! The video is a bit of a tear-jerker, so be prepared for that.

The Soul Support Dolls I created will be part of a silent auction to help raise funds for Pascale's Pals. Click the images below to see more detail. I create the bodies of each doll with needle felted fabric that is heavily stitched with free-motion stitching. Sometimes I stitch words into the fabric or other symbolic motifs. Each is unique and fun to create!

The back of the doll has a tiny fabric envelope with a message inside. “When you feel the need to unburden your spirit, know that I am always with you, dear friend. I am the recipient of all your secrets and I hold them fast in the chambers of my faithful heart. Confide in me, and receive in return comfort and tender love.” words by Patty Szymkowicz. You can see a link to Patty's site below.






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