Life – The Small Moments

January 18, 2020
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Burlap as an Art Journal page is a challenge! One of the fun things about this Dina Wakley journal is the variety of page surfaces. I’ve never tried using burlap before and there are quite a few pages included in this journal so I decided to embrace it rather than skip it. 😉 

Before starting the page, I scraped some white gesso over the surface and allowed it to dry. (When collaging paper napkin scraps over a page, the colors always appear brighter over a white base.) One note about the burlap - it shrank as the glue dried, so whatever is on the next page will peek around the edges. That’s kind of a fun bonus that I didn’t anticipate.

The LIVE stream viewers suggested adding some leaves so I chose a leaf stencil from and white gesso which I applied with a small make-up wedge. Once the gesso was fully dried, I added details with Inktense pencils and a white Posca Paint pen. 

No journal page is complete for me without a word or quote. All the flora and fauna in the collage reminds me of the circle of Life and how important it is to love and appreciate the small moments that accumulate to create all that exists around me. They become the sum of who I am in this world - far more than the monumental experiences that show up occasionally. (This is getting waaayyy too deep for a late night blog post!)

During the LIVE stream chat, we talked about music that viewers enjoy listening to. I shared my current favorite song At This Table by Idina Menzel. Someone suggested that I include the lyrics here and I thought that was an excellent idea! I imagine my LIVE streams as one huge round table that is big enough for everyone to pull up a chair. Everyone is welcome. Kindness is the only “requirement.” Kindness to ourselves and each other. If you haven’t heard this song, I encourage you to listen to it at least once. 😉

That finishes the recap of this LIVE stream Art Journal page. Please join me next week for another edition of Drama-free Friday. I’ll see you then! (2pm Eastern.)

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