Creative Chat with Morgan Imhoff and Barb

August 21, 2018
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I am so happy to share my Creative Chat with Morgan Imhoff, one of the most inspirational young women I've ever met. As you watch our video chat you'll learn how a 2-year-old sustains 1 1/2 years in a hospital and months of chemotherapy to treat an auto-immune illness only to have the condition reoccur necessitating more than another year of treatment.

Morgan and I share a love for drawing Mandalas. Her love for this art form began with a 2-day art lesson in eighth grade. (Personal note to teachers everywhere: THANK YOU for doing what you do! You never know how just how much 1 day or 1 word or 1 bit of encouragement can change the course of a student's life. Thank you!) Because of that lesson, Morgan has drawn hundreds of Mandalas, including 2 color books that she has available via her website. She also shows and sells her finished work in a local gallery. You can also find Morgan on FaceBook, follow her on Twitter and on Instagram, too.

Probably the most recognizable work Morgan has completed is her car. That's right, Morgan has covered her car with Mandalas and Zentangle® inspired patterns! Below you'll see a few images of this incredible feat.

Be sure to click each image to see the detail.

Morgan first painted just the hood of her silver car with regular black Sharpie markers in 2016!!

After a carwash unfortunately removed much of the artwork, Morgan created an even more awesome painting!

Can you imagine taking on such an impressive project? Morgan did!

Morgan never misses an opportunity to photograph her car in interesting places. 

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