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January 7, 2018
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There's nothing better than spending time with friends being creative! During this episode of Drama-free Friday, it was so nice to catch up with the viewers in the LIVE audience. After showing some beautiful holiday cards, I showed The Greatest Gift, a beautiful gratitude gift book which was sent to me so that I could share with my audience. When you watch the video I'll show you exactly what is included and it's a LOT of high quality goodies! This project would be great for your favorite Valentine, friend, parent, child, sibling or anyone else you are grateful for. Check it out!

I love magazines and showed 4 of my favorite inspirational publications. I love Stampington Press magazines and also those published by Interweave Press like Cloth, Paper, Scissors. I've collected issues of these magazines for several years and I'm always amazed at the ideas and projects throughout each of them. I may need to add a new room to the studio for my books and magazines! 🙂

Just before Christmas I received my Inspiration Decks from Kiala Givehand. The Mixed-media Inspiration Deck – The Empowerment Edition is a simple way to guide you through an art journaling process when you're feeling adventurous or uninspired, perhaps. I love using Kiala's Inspiration Deck during a LIVE stream because it causes me to try techniques in ways I might not have otherwise have thought about. There's something challenging yet totally enjoyable about selecting a card and working the suggestion into my art journal page.

The second inspiration deck I purchased from Kiala is her Write Now Inspiration Deck – a creative tool for writers, journalers, and dreamers. I love to write in my journals and when I want to challenge myself, the Write Now Deck is a great way give me a writing suggestion that I might not have considered. I really like the deck because it stimulates my imagination and thought process and besides that, the cards are square and cute!

Below you can see the page from the LIVE stream. It's not finished, but I'm happy with the direction it's headed and the prompt cards definitely inspired me to be creative differently than my normal process. I love that!

Our next regularly scheduled Drama-free Friday will be Friday, February 2nd, but we plan to have a special LIVE stream while attending Creativation in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday, January 21. Our plan is to broadcast at 2pm Eastern, if everything goes as planned. Keep your fingers crossed and we'll chat again on Jan. 21st!

Until next time ~

Remember to Get Creative today! It's Easy!!


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