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December 22, 2015
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What if you could create charms, ornaments and more that were so detailed no one could figure our how you made them? And what if they were really simple to create? Sound like fun? We’ll start with a pattern printed on special shrink plastic, color it, embellish it and then add magic!

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This class will remind you of days gone by! Do you remember playing with shrink plastic? If so, you’ll recall the magic as you watched it twist and curl as it shrank. If not, you’re in for a treat as we learn How to Create With Shrink Plastic. Shrink plastic is often thought of as a children’s activity. We’re going to change all that!

To prepare the plastic, it’s originally heated and stretched in both directions to create the thin plastic sheets that are available for crafters and artists. The magic happens when heat is applied and the plastic returns to its original thickness.

Although shrink plastic was designed for kids, artists soon discovered that it was also a great medium for jewelry and other forms of artistic expression. It’s always good to wander through the kids’ creativity aisles in craft stores to see what gems are hiding there!

Before the sheets are heated, shrink plastic may be stamped or colored with markers or colored pencils and then cut into shapes. Oil paints and crayons are not recommended as coloring mediums for shrink plastic, however I believe that you should try different methods to see what you like!

In this class we’ll be using Mandalas on shrink plastic to create charms and ornaments. I’ve loved drawing, coloring and using Mandalas for a long time and that led to the release of Mandala Melange, my book of 25 Mandala patterns that are perfect for many creative projects. Three of the Mandala Melange patterns are included for you to use with the class.

In case you wondered what a Mandala is used for, it’s a circular art form - a symbol of unity and wholeness and appears in every culture and major religion. Look around. Mandalas are everywhere! Some of my favorites include kaleidoscopes, compass roses, flowers, stained glass windows, celtic knots, snowflakes, the cross section of a tree trunk or stem, the rings caused by a stone tossed into water, a crosscut citrus fruit or apple and merry-go-rounds.

When you combine Mandalas, shrink plastic and a little magic, beautiful things happen!

Be sure to download your class notes and class pattern and I’ll see you in class.


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